This Is How Ingredient Suppliers Can Help The Baking Industry

Every single food recipe requires a list of specific ingredients to create a product — some of these ingredients are essential to the formula, while others exist to make the final product better. These additional ingredients are used to make a product look nicer, taste better and even last on a shelf for a longer period of time. An experienced food ingredient supplier can help any business within the Canadian baking industry enhance their recipes and improve their products.

There are multiple markets within the Canadian food industry, including dairy, confectionary, fruit, vegetable, meat, seafood, cereal and even pet food. The baking industry specifically encompasses the production of bread and sweet baked goods like cakes, pastries and biscuits. When a business needs to mass-produce these edible items, they require their ingredients to be delivered in bulk. Instead of turning to countless distributors to complete their recipe lists, manufacturers can turn to a food ingredient supplier to get everything they need.

Products that manufacturers within the baking industry could be interested in include:

  • Colours
  • Fibres
  • Flavour Enhancers
  • Flours
  • Preservatives
  • Sweeteners

If you are a representative of a Canadian manufacturer of baked goods, find a food ingredient supplier you can count on to get high-quality products, excellent results and superior customer service. Consider a supplier like CCC Ingredients, which has been a division of Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited since 1988. This successful company makes sure to provide the most innovative ingredients on the market for their client’s food products, which is possible because of a methodical marketing team that sources the newest and finest ingredients from across the globe.

A business within the baking industry would be wise to turn to a leading Canadian food ingredient supplier if they want to adapt to all of the changes in the market. Suppliers are on top of the biggest trends and cultural shifts when it comes to food so that their clients can keep up with demands. For instance, the production of gluten-free baked goods is a trend that surfaced in 2014 and continues to spark customer interest and grow in popularity today. Consumers still want gluten-free options because of professionally diagnosed conditions like Celiac disease, along with self-diagnosed intolerances and fad diets. This consumer interest means that businesses need to use gluten-free flours, which is why suppliers carry options like potato flour, rice flour and tapioca flour. There are plenty of food trends that will grow and recede in the near future, which is why a savvy ingredient supplier can ensure that manufacturers don’t get left behind.

Manufacturers within the baking industry should use experienced ingredient suppliers in order to get the best products possible because Canadians love their baked goods. With the help of superior ingredients, businesses can be sure that consumers are enjoying their favourite foods, whether it’s a flakey pastry with their morning coffee or a healthier cookie they’re having as a night-time snack.