Things to do on a visit to Ottawa

There are more Things to do on a visit to Ottawa than just Parliament Hill, but it is the star attraction

Headed up to Canada on summer vacation this year? If so, make time to check out Ottawa. As this nation’s capital city, it contains a number of attractions that cut to the heart of what it means to be a Canadian.

Below, we’ll go over a few points of interest you’ll want to hit while in the National Capital Region.

1) Tour Parliament Hill

Start your time in Canada’s capital by taking a look at where this nation’s laws are debated and codified. Constructed in the Gothic Revival style, the appearance of this federal legislature is worth a visit on this merit alone.

While the western and eastern blocks are reserved for offices, the center block contains the House of Commons, where this nation’s politicians debate the issues of the day before a gallery accessible to the public.

The Library of Parliament is also accessible – with a unique circular design and old wooden bookshelves, it is a culturally and historically rich place to be.

While you are waiting for your tour group to begin touring the houses of Parliament and you find yourself getting bored, entertain yourself by taking out your smartphone and play some profitable games in the meantime.

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2) Stroll through Byward Market

Referring to both a daily market that provides in-season fresh food to Ottawa’s residents and to the surrounding neighborhood, Byward Market is one of the liveliest corners of this city.

Take an hour or two to pass through the food market that presently sits between George and York Streets, as its produce stalls, bakeries, boutiques, and eateries will have you stopping every few minutes to take Instagrams and to buy maple leaf-shaped bottle of real maple syrup.

After dark, Byward is where Ottawa lets its hair down – who knows, maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of our handsome Prime Minister enjoying a quiet drink (while surrounded by his security detail).

3) Go museum hopping

As the capital of Canada, Ottawa has more than its fair share of national museums. Learn about the intriguing story of this nation at the Canadian Museum of History, while the Canadian War Museum will fill you in on the sacrifices and bravery that our soldiers have shown through every war and deployment they have been sent.

The Canadian Museum of Nature will show you the diversity of animal and plant life across this vast country, while the National Gallery puts the wide slate of artistic talent that Canada has on display under the roof of a beautiful building.

These are just several places you can hit up, meaning that you could spend a solid week learning about the second largest nation on Earth from all the institutions found in the Ottawa area.