Motorcycle Riding Gear Fads for Spring ‘18

Whether you ride a cruiser, sport bike, dirt bike, ATV or another type of machine, you never leave home without protective gear. With the many changes to jackets, helmets and other gear occurring constantly, it can be hard to stay on top of the hottest trends. Fortunately, the parts experts at do the work for you, adding the best motorcycle riding gear to the site’s collection every day. Here are some of the top fads for the beginning of 2018.

Motocross Inspires Everything

In Spring 2018, gear designers draw inspiration from motocross style. Regardless of the type of machine you ride, you can add motocross elements to your new jacket. Choose a jacket with bright colors, innovative armoring or unique patches to stand out during the first few months of 2018. If you are in the market for a new helmet, the year’s early designs also feature motocross-inspired styles.

Classic Is Still Classic

As the new year ramps up, classic jackets are as hot as ever. Both heavy and light-weight coats give you the protection you need to stay safe on your bike without forcing you to sacrifice your personal sense of style. Choose an iconic jacket to easily transition from the highway to the café, cinema or bar. For a new pair of riding pants, choose dark colors, solid construction and breathable textiles to give your wardrobe an updated look. Or, opt for a pair of new shoes or boots to make sure you look modern from head to toe. Finally, don’t forget to order a new pair of shades to complete your 2018 makeover.

Before you get behind the handlebars of your bike or ATV, make sure you have the right helmet, jacket and other protective gear. Whether you are buying new items or replacing old ones, take advantage of Spring 2018’s hottest trends by ordering from the extensive selection of motorcycle riding jackets at