4 Tips to a Happy Engagement


If you are planning on getting engaged in the near future, it is safe to say that there will be lots to think about.

For starters, how soon after your engagement are you thinking about a wedding?

In some cases, a wedding follows soon thereafter. In other instances, it can be several years before a couple ultimately ties the knot. No matter where you fall in this area, it is yet one more thing to think about.

Needless to say, men and women view engagements from different perspectives.

For the woman, she is most excited that her significant other has committed to her, wanting to spend the rest of his life together.

For the man, there can be some anxiety over finding that perfect engagement ring (see more below), be it a sapphire ring or other make.

When all is said and done, both parties can make the engagement process easier by thinking ahead of time of what they truly want.

So, are you ready to make your engagement a happy one and not one that stresses you out?

Planning the Perfect Engagement

So that you are able to have the perfect engagement, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Communication as a couple – Above all else, always keep the lines of communication open before, during and after becoming engaged. Unfortunately, some couples take communication for granted. When this happens, what was a strong relationship can begin to see some cracks develop. There is no reason to take the importance of communication for granted just because you’ve officially become engaged;
  2. Ring shopping – More couples are deciding that shopping together for an engagement ring is the way to go. Not only does the woman have more of a say in what she wants to wear on her ring finger, but the man can take comfort in knowing she will be getting a piece of jewelry that she truly wants. If you do decide on shopping as a couple, remember the recently mentioned importance of communication. Avoid arguing over the ring selection, especially when it comes to price (see more below).

Don’t Let Money Get Between You

  1. Financial pitfalls – Unfortunately, money can oftentimes get between even the strongest of couples. When this happens, all the goodwill and love that two people have built up between one another can get tossed out the door. Always be level-headed when it comes to discussing financial matters. From how much will be spent on an engagement ring to the idea of throwing an engagement party, make sure finances do not make for an unhappy engagement. If an impending marriage is not too far down the road, the time to have the “money discussion” is sooner rather than later. Avoid any bumps in the road, especially those that can cause a perfect union to go sour. If you are planning an engagement party, what is a relatively safe amount to spend? How many people should you plan on inviting? Should you have the event at an informal setting in your home or go all out and have it at a nice restaurant or resort? Spending your money wisely will lead to less disagreements over finances, something any couple will be happy to hear;
  2. Keeping the flame going – One of the other pitfalls to avoid is “settling” into your engagement. When a couple makes it official with an engagement ring, there can be a tendency to get too comfortable with life. That simply means taking things for granted, especially the time you two spend together. Make sure you set aside quality time as a couple, thereby keeping the flame burning for a long time to come. Lastly, look for new date ideas to keep things fresh. By taking turns planning get-togethers, you are both invested in the relationship for many years to come.

Getting engaged is supposed to be one of the happiest times in a person’s life, especially if you’re a woman.

When you have a happy engagement to fall back on, life tends to prove pretty enjoyable.