Getting Married in Oxfordshire? 16 Steps to Organise the Perfect Wedding

When you are organising a wedding, you want it to be as easy and practical as possible, in addition to not being so expensive, because you know that there are other important expenses that cannot be changed, such as the mortgage on the new house, basic services, home decoration, etc.

You might be asking yourself: “When will I have the wedding of my dreams?” If you follow the advice below, put it into practice to organise your perfect wedding, you will make your dream come true, in a short time.

Discover how to organise the perfect wedding in 16 steps below:

1. Use a folder; in this you will keep all the information regarding your wedding (wedding decoration, flowers, suppliers, places, etc.)

2. Choose the date of the wedding, remember that if it is in high season everything is more expensive.

3. Make an estimated budget of what will be spent on the wedding and decide with your partner if you are going to request financial help from your parents or if only you are going to pay for the wedding. This budget may require revising later, it is the initial estimate.

4. Make the guest list, depending on your budget; be aware of cost-per-guest and decide if you want a wedding for 20 to 50, 50 to 80, or 100 to 200, or more. Share the initial list with your parents, and then make any necessary adjustments.

5. Choose the theme of your wedding and the colours.

6. Investigate Oxford Wedding Venues available for your chosen date, or other places for the ceremony, reception, churches, temples (depending on your religion) and decide if your wedding will be in your city, for example Oxford, or if you want to get married outside of it.

7. Visit the places that you like most for the wedding banquet and ask all the questions concerning your wedding, before making any decision compare budgets.

8. Choose what service option you want for the meal (buffet, set menu or family style); the latter means that the food is served in the middle of the table and passed to each guest, like at home, great for small intimate weddings.

9. Decide if your wedding is going to be religious, civil or mixed, depending on your religion.

10. Visit the civil registry, churches, temples, synagogues and request the requirements, file them away carefully; they have to be organised and submitted punctually.

11. Research your wedding dress, look for information in magazines, on the internet, and consider your body type; go to several places and try several, request budgets.

12. Look for flower ideas for your bouquet, centre-pieces, church or venue decoration, remember that exotic flowers are more expensive and should be ordered in advance from florists.

13. Select different designs for the wedding cake and look for the best cake shops in your location, when you have this information request quotes, tasting, photos of their models, flavours, sizes, etc.

14. Decide if you want music for the ceremony, a band or DJ for the reception. If you can request samples, have several options so that at the end you can go with the one that best fits your budget and tastes.

15. Select different hairstyles and makeup options, try recommended stylists and request a test session.

16. Go back and review the budget of your wedding and make any necessary adjustments, and be very clear how much you are going to spend, start to reserve each item and make final decisions of what you want for your wedding, based on the information gathered in your file.