4 Tips to Purchasing a Used Car or Truck

Are you scratching an itch to buy a used car or truck?

In the event you are, will you go about it the right way?

Unfortunately, too many consumers rush into such a decision, ultimately regretting the vehicle they end up with.

In order for you to come away with a vehicle that is worth every penny you spent, it is important that you give the Internet some attention in this pursuit.

Yes, there are newspaper classified ads and auto magazines in most neighborhoods, but the Internet is where you find your true search value.


With that being the case, are you prepared to start the hunt for a used car or truck?

Do Your Homework Before Signing the Papers

In order to drive off with the best possible used car or truck deal out there, keep these four reminders nearby:

  1. Research – Most importantly, make sure you do your fair share of research on any vehicle before considering opening up your wallet or purse. While there are some great used car and truck deals out there, there are also plenty of clunkers just waiting for the right sucker to come along and put down his or her money. Be sure you do not end up in that latter group. By going online, you can look at myriad of used cars and trucks, something that can be done at your convenience. One way to go about this is going online for a license plate lookup. Such a search will help yield answers in many cases regarding a vehicle’s history (see more below), something you definitely want before every putting down a dollar towards a used car or truck. Lastly, also consider using different social media sites in your search for a used vehicle. Countless consumers turn to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube with information on their vehicle pursuits. You might even come across others who have recently made a used car or truck purchase. If so, ask them how they went about the process;
  2. Test – Never consider buying a used vehicle without giving it a good test on the open roads. As great as the vehicle may look, along with how great the advertisement might sound, you never truly know what you might be getting until you first test it out. Lastly, ask to take it out on both the local roads and also a highway or two. This will help you see how it performs under varying conditions and speeds. If the owner won’t let you test it out (even with him or her riding with you), you’re better off just walking away and looking elsewhere.

Has the Vehicle Been in an Accident?

  1. Accidents – Nothing is worse for a vehicle of course than having been in an accident. That said make sure you get as much vehicle history details as possible. In many cases, owners will be forthright with you regarding the history of the used car or truck you are thinking about purchasing. Others, however, may try and pull the wool over your eyes. You are best-served by having a mechanic and/or auto body expert look over the vehicle before you give the owner your final answer about buying it. By doing so, you typically won’t get fooled by someone looking to unload what can best be described as a lemon;
  2. Safety – Finally, never overlook the importance of car or truck safety, especially if you are purchasing the vehicle for your teen. Given you likely have enough to worry about in life, the last thing you want keeping you up at night is worrying about whether or not your son or daughter is safe behind the wheel of the used car or truck you just bought.

If the time has come for you to make a used vehicle purchase, get driven to make the best decision possible.