Boosting Your Self-Confidence in 2017

Self-acceptance is something many of us have a long, hard battle with. It is all revolved around the subconscious mind, and has a lot to do with envy and jealousy but this doesn’t apply in all cases. Self-confidence begins when self-criticism ends, but this process can be somewhat extensive and challenging. When your mind is free from all major worry and stress you will start to experience a level of contentment, which is accompanied by a motivational drive to maintain happiness.


Find yourself. Compared to some, you may be lost as to what your style is. This is very common in teenagers between the ages of 13-18. Because they do not yet know themselves as well as they one day will, it becomes a struggle to fit in.  Finding yourself isn’t easy, and some don’t until late in life. It isn’t worth having anxiety over it because one day you will be satisfied with you as a person. One way people tend to “find themselves” is by travelling the world. Whether that’s backpacking through Asia, Hiking the Pacific Crest in the USA or even city surfing through Europe. Remember if you are from a country within the European Economic Area, to carry your European health insurance card. And if you do not own one, apply here. Travelling can be an amazing, soul-searching experience and majorities tend to find what they are looking for.

Ditch the dull. Do not settle with anything in life, which is beneath your desires and within your control. If you are able to have mobility in something, for example, your job- do not settle for your current position, do what it takes to work your way up. Achieving your goals is very rewarding and is a boost to your self-confidence because you begin to develop self-belief. A dull life is often triggered by a dull appearance. Never be afraid to stand out and wear the latest fashion, or even something of your own individual taste that you may be afraid to throw on. It is okay to be unique and have a distinctive taste in fashion, be proud of that because it is a part of you.

Treat yourself. You are your own main priority. It is important to whilst caring for other people in your life, to treat yourself. If you don’t, someone else might but they also may not. You can do this by going shopping and buying something you like, going for something yummy to eat, socializing and just simply relaxing.. Although, from birth, your parents are given the responsibility of your care, as you grow older the responsibility is passed back over to you. You then become the person who makes decisions for your future, and future happiness.

Overall, I suppose what I am getting at is that if you are experiencing difficulty with self-acceptance or finding yourself, don’t ignore it because it could develop into something a lot more dangerous and hard to control. There are sources of help available. It is known that roughly 80% of people who have symptoms of depression do not receive any medical or psychological aid, and up to 20% of those who are clinically declared as depressed, die from suicide. Please remember your mental and physical health are equally as important as each other. Take care of your mind, body and your soul.