All about the Stunning State of Alabama

The state of Alabama is one of the most beautiful in the nation in terms of its scenery and terrain. It is a perfect destination for tourists, but also for those who want to live and work here, and particularly for those who wish to study. Alabama A&M University (AAM) has been at the heart of educating people in this state for over 150 years, in fact.

There are huge disparities between the north and the south of the state. The north is covered in virgin forests with amazing views. The northwest is home to Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, and Tuscumbia, also known as the Quad Cities. This is a popular tourist area. Here, you can visit the Alabama Music Hall, Helen Keller’s home city, productions of The Miracle Worker, the Indian Mound Museum, and the W.C. Handy Museum.

Huntsville, meanwhile, is the technological center of the state and home to AAMU as well. Furthermore, the Marshal Space Flight Center is here, which is NASA’s headquarters. The city is also home to the Missile Defense Command, and tourists visit the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, where various space program memorabilia can be enjoyed. Once here, tourists can even go on the Space Shot, experiencing what it is like to be an astronaut in space. Or, for the less adventurous, there is the Botanical Garden with beautiful flowers and plants. Huntsville is also a fantastic place for shopping, restaurants, and bars, enjoyed by the many students of AAMU.

Birmingham is the largest city in the state, home to botanical gardens, Visionland Park, and more. The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is also here, where people can learn a lot about the Civil Rights movement in the state, as well as its overall history. Naturally, there is a strong focus here on Rosa Parks. Plus, you can visit Vulcan here, which is the largest iron statue in the world.

Montgomery, the capital of the state, is home to the first White House of the Confederacy. It is today open to the public and is one of the key attractions of the city. Additionally, it is home to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, when performances and musical events are held. This is very popular with the AAMU students, who are committed to learning more about the arts as well.

AAMU is not the only university in Alabama, of course. It is also home to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and the Auburn University in Auburn. These universities, as well as AAMU, are famous for their fantastic collegiate football, and the teams have gained national notoriety.

Those who want to relax for a little while can also go to the Gulf Coast, where some of the country’s finest cuisine can be enjoyed. Plus, you can visit a WWII battleship, the USS Alabama, which is definitely worth seeing. It is also a departure and arrival port for many cruise ships.

Clearly, Alabama is the state to be, whether that is for a visit, for your education, or for the rest of your life.