Perfecting Your Summer Glow Using Sunless Tanning Products

We are not all blessed to live in a location that is basking in sunshine all year around and many of us in fact only have the opportunity to frolic in the sunshine for around 2-3 months of the year. None of this benefits those amongst us who love nothing more than bronzing our skin. There are so many moments which call for a touch of bronze, wearing a white dress to a party, a wedding day or even going on vacation and wishing to avoid appearing like a milk bottle when you first arrive. Thankfully, there are lots of products on the market which professionals can find at online at sites such as which can give your skin the glow that you are after, even if sun is not something which you can find.


Always Test

You should always test a sunless tanning product some days before the particular event or trip which you are attending. It is vitally important that you get the right shade and color of your tan and various products react differently to different skin types. Give yourself enough time before the event to check how a particular product may work with your skin.

Applying Well

When you are applying a product, it is vital that you do so with care and attention, ensuring that you have applied the product to all body parts. It can be difficult during the process to see which body parts have and haven’t been covered but you can guarantee that they will be visible once the tan has dried. Take your time, pay attention and follow the directions on your product to the letter.

Long Lasting

Once you have applied your tanning products, the next step is about maintaining the color for as long as you possible can and with a little bit of care, you will be able to do exactly that. For example, moisturizing your skin regularly is the key to maintaining that golden tan which you have and it is important that you moisturize your entire body in order to prevent dryness. Another great tip in terms of maintaining your color is to take cold showers instead of hot ones, this may not be the most pleasant way to wash but it will help to prolong the bronze.

Follow The Rules

If you are going on vacations then even though you will arrive at your destination looking as though you’ve already been there for 2 weeks, you still need to adhere to the safety rules regarding the sun. The rays from the sun will still pierce through your spray tan and of this reason you must ensure that you regularly apply sunscreen if you are planning on staying out in the sun for a long time. Don’t forget to re-apply your sunscreen if you go swimming or after a couple of hours, it is vital that you protect your skin and avoid it from drying out or worse still, getting burned.