The Most Popular Destinations For Cosmetic Surgery In The World

Medical tourism is on the rise, many people are drawn to cosmetic surgery providers abroad because they offer the same quality of care at a greatly reduced price. Of course, there are some people who have reservations about travelling for medical treatments and, in some ways, they are right to be cautious. It is important to complete extensive research into a provider to ensure you find one with the highly qualified surgeons and a track record of producing excellent results, such as Longevita in Turkey. These are some of the most popular destinations for cosmetic surgery in the world.


Turkey has become a medical tourism hotspot. There are many qualified surgeons in the country and several internationally certified practices. One of the reasons the country is so desirable for a wide array of plastic surgery procedures, from breast enlargements to hair transplants, is because it offers high quality surgery at very low prices. Statistics suggest that 500,000 tourists visited the country last year specifically for medical tourism purposes. Treatments in Turkey are also known for their fast turnaround times, whereas in the UK you may be expected to wait for days before you are treated. This leaves you more time to enjoy the beautiful beaches and amazing coastline that Turkey has on offered.


Many people know Brazil is an up-and-coming holiday destination and it has become famous for its nightlife since the Rio Olympics in 2016. But Brazil is also becoming popular for medical tourism. The country is the second most popular destination in the world for breast enlargements, behind America and first in the world for buttock enhancements. Again, part of the draw is that the cost of these surgeries is considerably lower in Brazil than elsewhere in the world. It is becoming such a popular destination for cosmetic surgery that some travel companies are offering package deals which include a three-night stay in a luxurious beach-front hotel. There are definitely worse places to recover from surgery!

South Korea

South Korean beauty trends are taking the world by storm. There has been an increase in the popularity of extensive Korean skincare routines in the UK recently and, simultaneously, there has been a rise in the number of people travelling to South Korea for cosmetic surgery. In particular, anti-aging procedures such as face lifts are highly south after. South Korea is known as the “plastic surgery capital” of the world because so many women there have had plastic surgery themselves. This is good news for people travelling for cosmetic surgery as they can expect to receive high quality care. Post-operation, patients are able to explore the modern shopping complexes, visit historic temples or even attend a KPop concert.

Travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery and other medical treatments can be highly beneficially. Not only does it save you large amounts of money, it also gives you access to some of the best surgeons in the world. Just make sure you do your research before booking anything!