Why Your Hotel Needs Entertainment

The hotel industry has really been through the ringer in the last decade, first there were the difficulties which cam for many hotels after the 2008 economic crisis, and then came the inception of the likes of AirBnb and private rentals, stealing much trade away from the hotels. In truth, many hotels can be accused of being guilty of thinking that they could always depend on their customers, and the rug has now been pulled from under their feet.

Last month I was in a favorite hotel of mine, the Bicycle Hotel and Casino in California, a hotel which may have had ups and downs, but always attracted guests through its doors. This is more than a hotel, it os an event in itself and through their entertainment options, they attract visitors who both stay in the hotel, and who go there for a night out. If you want to give your hotel a boost, here is why you ought to invest in quality entertainment.

Money Making

The first thing to mention is that when you have a hotel with popular entertainment, you can count on making much more profit on your bottom line. If you have guests who stay in your hotel and then go elsewhere to be entertained, then the money that they are spending on food and alcohol, are going into the pockets of your competitors. Make sure that you have the place where guests want to spend their evenings. Equally, having entertainment that becomes popular separate from the hotel, will attract more guests to the hotel in the first place.

Day Trippers

Hotels without entertainment options like live shows, cabaret and fun activities can only possibly make money from the guests who are staying with them. If however, you should invest in entertainment for your hotel, you can count on other guests just coming for the night, to enjoy the entertainment that is being put on. Take a look at Vegas for example, those hotels make more money from the guests who are passing through, than those who are actually staying in the hotel. Make sure that you put some entertainment on in your hotel if you want the people to flock in.


With the hotel trade in a bit of slump, there is much more competition for guests and the way in which you can make your hotel stand out best, is to create a trustworthy brand which guests can have confidence in. If you have an immaculate hotel that offers great service, and you can add some spectacular entertainment to the mix, you can count on bringing in many more customers in the future as your brand image grows.

Hotels need to do all that they can to boost the number of guests that are coming through their doors. Whilst it can be difficult to invest in something like entertainment, given that there is no guarantee of getting your money back, doing so could very well be the thing that takes your hotel to the next level.