Tips to Make a Day of Travel Less of a Headache

The most popular reason that the majority of us travel is for our vacations or to see family or friends, both exciting and fun things to do. Sadly the fun can often be sucked out of it when we are staring down the barrel of a long voyage. Long travel days can lead to weariness, anger, frustration, stress and a generally feeling of loathing. The most frustrating part is the waiting, waiting to check in, waiting to board flights or trains, waiting for taxis, waiting to go through security or even waiting to depart once you are on board.  Fortunately, there are ways in which you can avoid the general grumpiness that travel brings and here are some great tips to help you out.

Eating and Drinking

It is imperative that during a long day of travel that you try your best to maintain a normal daily routine when eating and drinking. It can be easy to fall in the trap of drinking alcohol at an abnormal hour, some use it to help them sleep, others just because they have nothing else to do and of course, some do it for fun, but it will only serve to dehydrate you and make you feel pretty rough at the end of your travel day. Make sure you keep drinking lots of water throughout the day. Equally important is the food you eat, sticking to your normal routine may be slightly difficult with travel times but do the best you can, make sure that you pack some fruit or energy bars in your holdall to keep your energy levels up through the day.

Plan Your Travel

It may sound obvious but having a secure plan for when you are travelling is imperative, not just the times in which you are flying or taking the train, I’m talking door-to-door. If you have a full understanding of exactly where you need to be and at what time, then this can remove any potential stress that you may experience. Flight and train times can’t be altered but something that you should definitely consider is your airport transfer, the last thing you need after a long day of travel is waiting outside the airport trying to hail a cab, tired and heavy-laden. The best solution is to plan ahead, book your car ahead of time and you’ll be able to have the confidence that it will be there waiting for you when you arrive.


The last thing that you need if you are travelling with friends or family is to argue, this can be inevitable after a long day of travel when both parties are tired and stressed. To avoid this, it is important that you spend some quiet time during your day entertaining yourself. To do this, you need to prepare well, downloading music, films or TV series before you go will give you a great chance to zone out during your travels. If you are a reader then make sure that you have sufficient books downloaded on your E-reader or make sure that you’ve bought well before hand, buying books or magazines at airports and train stations can be costly.