Easy Fashion Tips to Overhaul Your Look

Tired of the same old slacks and shirts? Does your weekend wardrobe consist of nothing more than a collection of beer branded giveaway shirts from college? Here are some easy men’s fashion tips to overhaul your look and make you feel like a new man.

overhaul your look
Invest in a Good Suit

Even if you don’t wear a suit for work it is important to have one nice suit in your closet. Shelling out a few extra bucks for a classic, custom-tailored suit will pay off big next time you are at a formal event such as wedding. A good suit can also overhaul your look on more casual weekends, as you can mix match pieces from your suit for more casual but still tailored looks. While a suit can seem expensive at first, think of it as an investment. Most suits have a much longer shelf life than casual clothes; so a classic suit can last you decades. Suits are designed to be tailored so if you can or lose weight, you can always get it resized to fit you. Unlike most men’s outfits, it is okay to wear a suit multiple days in a row as long as you are changing your shit and tie. A suit is a great investment and a perfect way to overhaul your look.

The Shoes Make the Man
Nothing ruins a clean, fashionable look like the wrong shoes. Just because you’ve seen a few celebrities wearing Converse All-Stars with their tuxedos doesn’t mean this look is for you. A man should have some well made shoes. Adding a few nice pairs of shoes to your wardrobe will really overhaul your look, consider picking up a couple pairs of leather dress shoes or even penny loafers (which are making a comeback.) Tennis shoes or “trainers” also have their time and place but make sure you have new, clean, and stylish pairs. Many men buy a pair of shoes and wear the same pair until they wear-out. Instead try this tip: you can buy 3-4 pairs at once and alternate wearing them. This way they won’t wear out as quick and you vary your look. It is true what they say “the shoes DO make the man.”

Tailored Shirts
Most men buy their shirts off the rack. While this may be okay for t-shirts or hoodies, it is not the way to go for dress shirts. Every man’s body is different so spending a little extra cash to get your shirts tailored will really pay off. You will be surprised how much different a custom tailored shirt will fit you. Plus you will feel like a true class act walking out of the tailor with shirts made just for you. Once you go custom-fitted you will never go back.

So I hope these tips on creating a new you by overhauling your look will help you start fresh. Usually for less than a few hundred bucks you can overhaul your look and look more fashionable than you ever thought possible.