What Can Go Wrong While Visiting Bali?

With any luck and a little bit of determination, you got yourself a booked trip to the beautiful Bali. Not only did you save money for your trip to one of the most mesmerizing destinations known to the world, but you actually planned every little detail – what to do, what places to visit, where to sleep and dine, etc.

Assuming you have gotten to the point where you are ready to take off and cannot wait to do so, there are some things you need to know about Bali. The island has so much to offer, but as any other place on this planet, there are some risks and dangers that come with it. Aside from common vacation problems that your travel insurance will cover, such as lost luggage or illness while traveling, there are some other things that apply specifically to this one destination.

1.    Aggressive Wildlife

Take every necessary and recommended precaution to keep yourself safe from the wildlife in some Bali locations. For example, when you decide to visit the wonderful, famous monkey forest located in Ubud, take precautions not to carry plastic bags or food with you. The clever monkeys will not only snitch your food but can also associate a plastic bag with food and bite you to get it from you!

If you forget about this and the monkeys try to grab your food (and they will if they notice it), give it up. If there isn’t anything good for them in the bag, they will drop it, so you should not take the risk of being bitten for no reason.

2.    Killer Waves

Have you heard of the Devil’s Tears water blow in Nusa Lembongan? This is a wonderful phenomenon, but also a very dangerous one. It happens when a wave hits the cliffs where the pressure is built and the water blows up as a result.

The Nusa Dua water blow is very safe, but not the Devil’s Tears. This is a much greater water blow and will require a bit of safety precaution on your behalf. Just keep distance because the waves can surprise you and sweep you down.  This is surely not something you want happening.

3.    Unsterilized Tattoo Places

This is the truth for almost any other place in the world, so you should be really careful if you decide to get a summer tattoo done at a tattoo parlor. Search for a parlor with a high level of safety and hygiene, ask the locals about one, and read reviews online to be sure.

4.    Accessibility

Bali is a wonderful place, but it is also a destination with many secluded, hardly accessible places. These usually have the best views, but you wouldn’t want to book your accommodation at a spot that will take you hours to get there.

This will not only be a torture because of the luggage you have to carry, but the hot weather won’t make it any more pleasant, either.

5.    Busy Nightlife

Yes, this is certainly not a bad thing – at least not for those who like to party. However, since you are looking for a place with a busy nightlife (especially in Kuta), it naturally comes with the hectic stuff that happens during and after nonstop parties.

If you are alone and need to walk alone at night in such busy places, you can find yourself in a trouble. Avoid such walks in locations such as Kuta.

6.    Few Petrol Stations in Uluwatu

Uluwatu is a very hilly place, so if you want to travel in it or through it, you better have a full tank of petrol. The place doesn’t have many petrol stations, so you might get lost and stranded because you forgot to fill yours enough to get back to your accommodation.

7.    Dangerous Arak Beverage

The Arak is a traditional beverage from Bali, a tasty spirit made from palm trees. It is one of the most popular local drinks and a must-try for anyone who visits Bali.

However, there were reports of occasional methanol poisoning cases from people who consumed the beverage from unscrupulous vendors that mix it in the Arak. This makes it cheaper for them and dangerous for you.

You should definitely try the drink, but only where it is extensively sold and legal on the island. You can find it in high-end hotels, good restaurants, and even good stores around the island.

Luckily, once you know the dangers people are faced with in Bali, you can avoid them and make sure nothing will spoil your amazing experience.