How T.B. Joshua Aims to Take SCOAN Forward

The SCOAN (Synagogue Church of All Nations) is a unique church, led by Prophet TB Joshua has followed the same vision for many years now. They aim to reach millions of people, showing them the evidence of the presence of Christ and giving them saving grace. God speaks through TB Joshua, using him as a divine instrument of salvation, blessing, deliverance, prophecy, and healing.

Healing is a particularly important element of what SCOAN stands for, citing examples of people who recover from terminal illnesses, including cancer and AIDS. They believe this is proof of the presence of God and Jesus in the lives of everybody in the world.


SCOAN is based in Nigeria and their cathedral is filled with every sermon. The sermons, meanwhile, are broadcasted through Emmanuel TV, allowing the globe to take part in the worship. The aim of SCOAN was to bring together all nations, providing them the guidance of the Lord. Those who follow him are protected by his divine guidance.

SCOAN Doesn’t Stand Still

TB Joshua has truly dedicated himself to spreading the word of Jesus Christ to people all over the world. He feels that he is on a journey about the unchanging message of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is what he feels people have been placed on this planet for. The SCOAN church was started with a vision many years ago, which is the vision of Christ and to discuss him with others, allowing them to let Him into their lives. This vision continues to be the driving force behind SCOAN.

Prophet TB Joshua sees life as a war, in which there are many battles. But every battle can be won through the assistance of the Lord. By glorifying and thanking Him for this, future battles can be won as well. In fact, Joshua cites passages from Deuteronomy, where it is said specifically that the Lord will fight for those who are righteous, helping those on a journey towards salvation. TB Joshua, through SCOAN, has dedicated his life to glorifying the Lord for this assistance, spreading the word to millions of others all over the world.

TB Joshua himself was raised from poverty on the streets of Lagos to becoming the Supreme Pastor of SCOAN. He thanks God for his achievements, not just in terms of becoming such a well-known and respected pastor, but to take him out of the life in which he was born and grow. He feels that his dedication and commitment to spreading the word of the Lord, and his continuing dedication to do this, is what has helped him get where he is in life now, and he continues to have unwavering commitment to spread the Lord’s word. Credited, by some, with several miracles, TB Joshua is keen to tell people that it is not him as a human who should be thanked for this work. Rather, he feels he has opened himself up to the Lord, allowing Him to work through him.