Is Your Online Date Actually Married? Here’s How to Find Out

Two decades ago, online dating was an odd way of meeting the significant other, and it was highly stigmatized. Things have changed, the stigma is long gone, and online dating has become a million-dollar industry. Studies show that online dating has become the second most common way to meet a partner— the first one being an introduction from a friend.

But in romance, cheating is a common fear. Online dating has taken cheating to another level. Dating over the internet makes it easy for a person to hide who they truly are. Sadly, the cheating partner can easily get away with lying, as virtual dating especially makes it challenging to find out the truth. Below are some of the signs that your partner may be potentially married or in another relationship.

1. They never use their credit cards

The best way for someone to avoid being tracked of their hotels or other purchase locations is by using cash for transactions. In this When you spot that your new catch is trying too hard to avoid using a credit card, and always goes for cash, chances are that they are up to no good in the relationship. If this is the case, you should tread carefully onwards.

2. Your dramas and typical relationship issues keep disappearing mysteriously.

You may think that your relationship is going well and your partner is very understanding. You may feel that they are very mature and know how to let go of things. It might make you think that you are starting to blow things out of proportion. Sometimes the reality is they might be overlooking things and working hard to avoid any confrontations since they are already dealing with the same in another relationship.

3. They keep forgetting what stories they’ve told

Your suspicion may be on the rise if you notice that your partner must first confirm whether they have already told you a story, such as asking, ”Did I tell you this already?” It is an indication that they are having trouble keeping track of side confidants — and you are definitely not the main confidant.

4. Less confident while in public places

Ever noticed that your partner acts differently alone versus when spending time together in public places? This could only mean that they are hiding their relationship from someone. If they behave in this manner, never introduces you to their friends, or never takes you home, they likely never will – it’s a sign of cheating and your partner will take more efforts to keep you in the dark about their real life and family.

The Value of Running a Background Check

Some people misrepresent themselves subtly, unintentionally or lie just to look impressive and increase their chances of getting an exciting match. However, some deliberately and malicious lie to hide a past criminal history, are intending to commit a crime, are protecting their current marital status, or are out for something other than having a serious relationship.

There are ways to avoid being a victim of such malicious people. One way is to conduct a background search to uncover the hidden truth about the person with whom you’re considering a relationship. The digital age has made it easier to conduct such checks.

According to New York City private investigator Darrin Giglio, “Everything in your life, there’s information attached. So if you have a job, there’s records. You have a house or property, there’s records. You have a mobile phone, there’s records. We’re a record-driven society.”

“You can go and delete those accounts, but usually there’s records and old archive stuff that people can go through and still find information,” Giglio added.

Knowing the whole truth about a person is the only way to feel safe around them. No one can ever be completely intimate with those who are hiding something, or those who aren’t the person he or she claims to be. Nevertheless, it does not hurt to be cautious, especially in this era of virtual dating.

Online Dating is Risky Business

Even though there are still honest people who genuinely represent themselves online, a platform with millions of people from all over the world can’t miss a horde of scammers who are out there to exploit the vulnerabilities of such massive platform.

Online dating can be fun, but it can also be terrifying. The experience of meeting a stranger for the first time — whom you may or may not ever meet again — makes you second guess every move they take. The worrying is justifiable, however. Crimes against those in the online dating scene are rising. It’s important to be aware of the signs of dishonesty, and do your homework if you suspect something is awry.