Can You Find Love In Online Dating?

If you don’t know what Tinder is, you’ve probably been living under a rock. It is, of course, the now globally famous dating up. You can view profiles, swipe right on the profiles they like, and left on those they aren’t keen on. If that user also swipes right on you, you are then able to chat, and potentially organise a date.

But, Tinder also has a rather specific reputation, namely for being an app that is used largely for casual sexual encounters, rather than actual romance. This begs the question; is online dating really the place for those who are looking for love, rather than a fling?

The Statistics

A survey was done by Psychology Today, aiming to determine what it is that users are looking for on Tinder. The results aren’t what most were expecting. It turns out that most users had Tinder on their device because it was exciting and trendy. A considerably less amount used it exclusively for casual sex. While those who specifically stated they were looking for love were somewhere in the middle.

This is interesting, but begs the question as to why Tinder has gained such a strong reputation for being about just sex? 

According to the article by Psychology Today, because those who are motivated by casual sex tend to make more of a lasting impact than those who aren’t, which seems to have drastically shaped the reputation of the app.

So Can You Find Love?

The obvious answer to the question is; yes, you absolutely can. Though, it seems to largely be a case of being upfront with your intentions. If you aren’t clear with matches about what it is you’re looking for, there is every chance you may land up meeting the wrong sort for your preferences. In which case, you may just as well have stayed home and enjoyed online bingo instead.

State Your Intentions

So, if you are planning on looking for love via Tinder, OKCupid, or any other dating app, be sure to shape your profile according to your wants. Plainly state in your profile what it is you are looking for, without leaving any room for speculation. Of course, also don’t be afraid to dismiss, or put aside any who are aggressively pushing you for an encounter you aren’t keen on. This’ like going on a date to a jazz club when you hate jazz, or a steak house when you are vegetarian.

Don’t Lose Perspective

As with any large community of individuals, there are bound to be a few bad apples. The bad apples do, however, tend to be the loudest, which can often give a skew idea of the community as a whole. It is best to ignore bad apples, and keep focused on those who do deserve your attention. Don’t forget that all dating apps come with easy options to block those who deserve to be blocked.

Just remember; for every bad apple there are probably 5 others who are pleasant, but not as aggressively overt with their approach. Also remember; there are a number of different dating apps. Tinder isn’t the only option.