5 Wardrobe Items for Men that Never Go Out of Style…and Make Women Swoon

Women tend to get jealous of men because their style and wardrobe are so simple, yet they always seem to stand out in a way only men can. Whether you’re very into fashion and what’s in style, or you simply enjoy your own look, there are certain items every man should have in his closet, even if you only use it once a year. Explore the following five wardrobe items for men that never go out of style…and certainly make women swoon.

1. Suits

It doesn’t matter if you need to wear one for work or just for those rare occasions, but every man should have a suit. What’s great is that as long as you stick with traditional hues of black, gray, or tan, you can rest assured your suit will always be in style, no matter how old it may be. Even if you opt for a design, such as plaid or pinstripe, or stick to plain, your suit will stand the test of time and keep you looking sharp. Plus, what’s even better is that it doesn’t need to be a tailor-made suit—although hugging you in all the right places is a perk—as buying a suit off the rack is good enough to make your look stand out.

2. T-Shirts

T-shirts seem to be a male fashion staple, and for good reason—they never go out of style. Pair a t-shirt with jeans, nice shorts, or even khakis, and you have a look that women love. In fact, your t-shirt collection can be decades old, as the retro t-shirt look is always in style and make you look as if you know what you’re doing in the fashion world. So before you throw away that old t-shirt, think about how attractive it will make you.

3. Western Boots

Even women who love the city life fantasize about a nice country boy, and a pair of western boots, whether you’re just donning the footwear or have the whole cowboy look, will always be in style and make women want to talk to you. You can find a generic pair of boots at your local footwear store, or find an authentic pair online or at a western store near your home. Although authentic boots are quite pricey, they do last a long time and will be one of the most comfortable pair of shoes you’ll ever own.

4. Flannels

For those old enough to remember the 90s, wearing a flannel may bring back the grunge look. However, flannels are a timeless wardrobe item and can be worn in many ways to make you look stylish. You can opt to keep the flannel open and expose a t-shirt underneath it, or you can opt to button it up and give yourself that cowboy/contractor look that women go crazy for. Plus, flannels are great at keeping you warm, so they are optimal wardrobe choices when the weather starts to cool down.

5. Leather Jacket

A man cannot go wrong with a leather jacket, as long as it doesn’t go past your waist and fits you properly. Leather jackets are timeless pieces of fashion, and they suit a variety of styles. For instance, you’ll see leather jackets on those who ride motorcycles, but you’ll also see them donned by those top dogs on Wall Street. If you think a leather jacket is out of your realm of fashion, you’re wrong. Instead, get out there and grab yourself one. After all, it’s an investment that will keep on giving.

When it comes to fashion, men have it easy. And if you ensure your closet is full of these five wardrobe items, then you can rest assured you won’t have to buy anything new for years.