Tailor Made Suit – The Modern Man’s Approach

Nothing makes a man more professional looking then a tailor made suit
Photo by CC user Orbitburco12 on Wikimedia Commons

A modern gentleman needs to understand the true mark and pinnacles of what it means to be well dressed. This all starts with a quality tailor made suit. You simply cannot compare a tailor made suit with one off-the-rack, as the bespoke tailoring process ensures nothing is overlooked – to the finest of details. Let’s delve a little deeper shall we…

Dressing Dapper in The Modern Age

As mentioned before, the true meaning of tailor made is in the details. This ensures a holistic approach, providing you with a perfectly fitting suit and accessories to match.

The Ticket Pocket

The ol’ ticket pocket has quite the history. It was initially created for the travelling gentleman needing to store his tickets. These days it has been modernized and is perfect for the classy businessman, allowing them to store their business cards for easy access.


The fit around your shoulders is crucial in looking sharp. A professional tailor made suit should essentially ‘hug’ your shoulders, and not hang. Most guys these days tend to go for a more comfortable feel which usually means one size too big. Try sizing one down instead to achieve the perfect looking fit.


Although people’s preferences will vary when it comes to lapel sizing, for the modernized gentleman it is the slim look that will appeal. Therefore, the widest lapel size you would opt for in this case would be around two inches at its widest point. Anymore would look a little out of place for modern slim design suits.


This is the biggest benefit to a tailor made suit – a suit that is tapered to your body. The jacket should contour to your body, plain and simple.

Jacket Sleeves

When discussing options with your tailor of choice, be sure to ask them to slim down the sleeves by trimming excess fabric to form and coincide with your figure. Extend the tapered principles to the jacket sleeves.


There’s not much to say about pockets, except that flap pockets are very stylish. Go with flap pockets.


For a modern tailor made look, go no further than flat front pants with a slim fit. Also make sure that your pants touch the tops of your shoes and don’t bunch up.