Embrace Your Curvaceous Self This Year

It’s 2017 and that means it’s time to embrace your body. Fashionistas everywhere are celebrating the new year as a time to stop worrying and love your body — whether you’re a size 4 or 14. Consider Jay Miranda and her wonderful blog. Her site has been described as a haven for curvy women looking for fashion advice, and she covers fashion from a plus-size perspective. According to Jay, she’s just like any other fashion-loving woman, except she does it as a size 14/16. She loves her body, which she says, is controversial but shouldn’t be.


She overs a great deal of fashion advice including how to shop for plus size fashion that is flattering and trendy. If you’re a plus size woman, you probably have some idea of how shopping for body-specific swimwear can go in a traditional department store. If they happen to carry plus size swimwear, for example, it lacks any luxuriousness, sex appeal, or flattery. However, with the modern fashion industry — and bloggers like Jay — embracing plus sizes with open arms, options for women sizes 8 to 34 have seen a renaissance in design, style, and downright sexiness.

A Revolution in Plus Size Fashion

More and more the mainstream fashion industry is embracing plus size models, and designing for plus size women. None of the progress made thus far would be possible without the amazing and beautiful advocates for women of all sizes, however. Women like the curvy and beautiful Tess Holliday, with her sexy photo shoots, Eff Your Beauty Standards movement, and outspoken advocacy for women of all sizes, are to thank for the increasing popularity of plus size fashions within the industry. As you can see in this May 2016 interview with Holliday, the size 26 model has no problems embracing her own beauty and encouraging others to embrace theirs.


Others like Ashley Graham, a plus size model appearing in the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and the cover of Elle Quebec, and Robyn Lawley, have long been inspirations and empowering figures from within the fashion industry for plus size women of all ages and sizes. Graham’s body-specific swimwear collection (available through online retailer swimsuitsforall) offers something for every woman of every style. From bold and beautiful one-pieces to high-waisted bikinis reminiscent of the ‘50s pinup era, there’s something for everyone. According to these fashion-forward advocates, it’s high time hot swimsuits for women were more available, and the online fashion retail world is adapting.

The Most Fashionable Plus Size Swimwear Online

Living in the online age, stylish, flattering, sexy, plus size swimwear is only a few clicks away. A plethora of winter swimwear is available for greatly reduced costs (thanks to timely winter sales) and items like the beautifully elegant Moorea One-Shoulder Swimsuit and the Cocoa Kitty Convertible Sheath are now available for over half off their original sale price. So, if you’re tired of perusing the local department store and only coming up with options in your size you would never wear in public, hop online for the perfect swimsuit for your perfect body.