How To Solve Age-Old Construction Problems

The construction industry is instrumental to our everyday lives, which is why the smooth running of construction projects can prove to be vital when it comes to improving our lives and infrastructure of our towns and cities.  Regardless of the size of the construction company, it appears that the same sorts of problems keep cropping up. Here are some of the most commonplace construction problems that any contractor is likely to have faced at one point or another and how they can be easily solved…


While this may not be an exceptionally obvious construction problem for some, for others it has proven to be a serious issue that can become detrimental to the rate at which a building is assembled. Damp has been known to cause unsightly marks in our home but in a building environment it can also lead to plaster crumbling away and other problems such as timber decay. This can end up costing individuals and companies more than originally estimated. By getting in touch with a damp proofing company in London or your local area you should find that you are able to resolve problems without having to deal with the damaging consequences of damp further down the line.

Subcontractor unreliability

Something than many contractors come across is the fact that they find it tricky to source reliable subcontractors to assist in the construction process. One of the ways that this issue can be tackled is through keeping an eye out for recommendations from regular suppliers and vendors. This will help to ensure that you are likely to come across more reliable contractors as someone else would have had a good experience with them, thus offering a tried and tested solution!

Changed minds

To the frustrations of so many contractors, a situation that can commonly occur is that which involves homeowners changing their minds along the course of the project. One way to ensure that you are not left with unpaid bills or sour relationships is to ensure that your client signs off on every decision being made, no matter how small. This can also significantly help to keep your reputation intact.

Document mismanagement

Regardless of the scale of the project underway, something that is commonplace along contractors is the strain of having to deal with documents being misplaced and mismanaged. While so many contractors are used to dealing with paperwork in the form of receipts, certificated etc., it is a far better option to go paperless (or at least have digital backups of paper documents).

Changing regulations

In our fast moving world, something that also moves quickly is regulations, so having someone with nvq site management is important.

These can be changed and reviewed on a regular basis which is why so many people struggle to keep on top of things when they take on their next job. One of the best ways to ensure that you are always up to date and in the know of any regulation changes is by singing up to blogs and newsletters. By keeping an industry specific folder in your emails you will be able to have a better understanding of the progression and important changes being made in such a fast paced industry.