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4 E-commerce Store Essentials for a Great Customer Experience


Today, online shopping is quickly taking over from the high street in terms of popularity. When shopping for products and/or services online, customers are afforded a higher degree of convenience and are often able to snap up bargains, saving money in the process. But, when you run an online store, encouraging new customers to shop there can be challenging. Not only will you be up against an immense level of competition, you’ll also need to ensure that you meet the changing, high demands of today’s consumers. So, what can you do to improve the experience for your e-commerce customers? Let’s…

Understanding the Process of SEO


SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. Digital marketing and search engine optimization are two peas in the same pod. It is all about getting people to come to the website because they are genuinely interested in what is on there, through the major search engines.

Technology Paying Off for Consumers


Technology Paying Off for Consumers If you’d ask nine out of 10 consumers, they’d likely tell you that technology has been a Godsend to their lives. Yes, there are some who still go about their daily activities using as little or no modern technology (computers, cell phones, apps etc.), but they seem to be few and far between these days. With that being the case, putting technology to work for you in myriad of ways is certainly worth your time and energy. Whether it is for business pursuits or just having some fun in your life, know that you have…

The finest sports gadgets on offer


  The humankind of game and the humanity of technology have had a long and appealing association. It dates back to the days of the ancient Greeks chucking about discuss, and it continues to the present day with Michael Phelps having a space-age swimsuit on for effectively becoming a human dolphin. In the section below is a list of some the finest sports-associated tech. Presented below is a truckload of the premium adrenaline pumping, sweat-stained, sporting equipment on the earth. The best way of reading these would not be while you’re comfortably seated on a sofa but while you are…

Put Level Switches to Work for Your Jobs


If your current profession involves the need for specialized parts, where do you go to find them? While many consumers would turn to stores in their neighborhoods or vendors that they know of, others opt for the Internet. As online sales of countless items continue to increase, going to the worldwide web for both information and ultimately purchasing products is becoming the norm. That said using the Internet for research and buying parts you will require for a job in the home, a construction and/or worksite etc. makes sense. One of those needs may be a level switch.

Why Are Native OS X Apps Hard to Uninstall – And Is It Possible?


As you know every Mac comes with certain apps installed by default, such as Safari, Mail, Chess, FaceTime, Photo Booth, QuickTime, and so on. Generally these apps are intended to make sure you have all the essentials that you need right from the get go – but over time you may find that you don’t really use some of them, and prefer some of the alternatives that are available instead. However, you may find native OS X apps hard to uninstall; in fact, if you ever try to uninstall a native app normally by dragging it to the trash bin, an…

Tech And Money At The Olympics


The Olympics are a great place for technological innovations to gain international recognition. Most of the tech innovations are usually designed to improve the athlete’s performance. Such innovations include data analysing gadgets and wearables which improve efficiency. However, there are several other technologies that are also used during the games. These do not get to be in the limelight as those that are directly related to the sport. Without this background tech, the athletes and the viewers experience would not be as good. One such innovation is the use Near Field Communications (NFC) technologies to conduct transactions. Near Field Communications…

Things to ask any SEO company looking for your business


With ever-increasing amounts of business shifting to the web, the importance of good SEO rises along with it. Local SEO, link building, usability … the list of factors to keep in mind can be endless. If you are looking for an SEO service that will take this responsibility off your shoulders, here are a series of questions to ask any SEO company looking for your business… 1) How will you improve our SEO? Saying that they can get a website to the first page, first result in Google is what virtually every SEO company will tell you. But do they…

The Life and Career of Charles Phillips


Charles Phillips is considered by many as the leading light in the business software industry and one of the most important CEOs in the world of technology. Phillips is currently CEO of Infor Global Solutions, the third largest software solutions company in the World behind industry giants Oracle Corporation and SAP. Such has been the successful career of Charles Phillips it is no surprise that Infor are now competing with the big players in the software solutions industry and here we take a look at how the once Marine Corps Captain rose to his position at the top of one…