Long Distance Calling Apps Disrupting The Overseas Calling Industry

Sick of paying too much for long distance? Get ready to say your goodbyes to high fees. The tech industry has finally come to disrupt long distance calling with cheap rates, great call quality, and mobile apps that take the hassle out of calling overseas.

New companies are bringing long distance calling apps to your smartphone and offering better discounted rates and fewer unpleasant surprises. You can still use the prepaid model to restrict your long distance calling budget or get low monthly rates, but now you can manage it all online without having to buy long distance calling cards or pay annoying fees.

With apps like G3 Telecom coming onto the market and making long distance calling on your mobile readily available, you can expect changes to the long distance industry:

Better Call Quality

There’s no point in beating around the bush: call quality on most long distance calls is low. In fact, call quality on any mobile leaves something to be desired, thanks to mobile companies prioritizing bandwidth for mobile video. Call quality often gets squeezed in the hardware, too, with many phone manufacturers shrinking the speakers to make room for other technology. But you can still get superior quality with long distance calling at a cheap rate. Long distance calling app companies like G3 Telecom are partnering up with premium telecom providers like AT&T, Bell, Verizon, and O2 to provide superior network connections overseas. That means clearer sound, fewer dropped calls, and a better user experience overall.

Lower Rates

Calling cards came about because people wanted to pay lower rates for long distance calling. Calling card companies were cheap to set up and people were eager to pay 1 cent a minute to call their destination, but there was no money in such low rates. Calling card companies introduced a lot of surprise fees that could eat up money on a card. To truly save on your long distance calls, you need to know the real rate. Long distance calling apps let you quickly look up and confirm the rate to your destination from your location.

No More Dialing

Remember when you had most of the phone numbers in your life memorized by heart? It’s been a long time since anyone had to commit a phone number to memory now that you can call your friends, family, and even business with the push of your thumb. A long distance app skips the PIN you have to punch in every time you make a call and makes calling codes redundant. Get to the point faster with convenient, app-based long distance.

Long distance calling has been ripe for disruption for years and new tech companies are finally starting to challenge mainstream telecommunications and crooked calling card companies. You can call overseas for less money with fewer hassles. Get the app, load your account, and start calling. Long distance calling is now as simple as it should be.