Tech Your Business Needs for Efficient Time Management

In business, time is money and the more time you waste, the more money your company is losing.

With this in mind, you need to make sure your employees have all the tools needed to improve efficiency and effectiveness every day of the year.

It is difficult though because people have different work habits, they respond to different motivators, and they have different aspirations. For these reasons getting everyone on the same page can be daunting.

The best tech tools today however not only account for these issues, they turn them into strengths for your business, creating a better environment than you imagined and giving you additional tools to utilize during each phase of the growth of your business.

At the heart of all of this is our topic, time management. Here are some tools that you need to implement into your business to help with this key area and to insure your team is the most time efficient as possible.

Automated Expense Reporting Apps

Businesses have employees who must report their business related expenses on a daily or very regular basis. These expenses might be related to travel and meals, purchasing supplies, or other items needed for work, paying for tolls and parking, and fees for subscriptions and training.

This process of keeping track of and reporting expenses can be extremely time consuming to the point where it becomes and additional job for employees. Therefore finding tools that can assist employees and even encourage them to report their expenses timely and accurately is a must.

The ideal tool in this area would be one that gives employees:

  • a single place to log expenses,
  • is mobile
  • is updatable on the fly,
  • reports back to the office all expenses being incurred up to the second,
  • provides in advance info as to whether an expense will be rejected by the company,
  • has a receipt tracker app,
  • and reimburses expenses seamlessly.

There is a tool in the marketplace today that fit these needs. It is called Spent and it automates your company’s expense report creation and approval process. It securely connects employees using the SPENT Money app with your company‚Äôs online dashboard, so expense reports can be approved and reimbursed quickly and easily. Each employee, and the company save time and get more effective management of expenses.

Collaborative Online Project Management Apps

These helpful time management tools enable every member of your team and when groups are working together on a project, to collaborate around tasks based on time needed and available. Everyone is prompted to tackle tasks within the specified time efficiently, and prompted throughout the schedule when they are not up to speed. Since each member has a clear understanding of their role within the overall project, they become more active in keeping up and in pushing everyone else in the group to do the same.

Management can oversee and interact with a project, teams, and individuals as needed so you never get surprised by where things are and when there are delays, you will already be ahead of the curve in terms of working out workarounds and fixes.

These software tools position each employee to effectively manage a multitude of tasks and activities and because they are easily accessible online they can be reviewed anywhere and at any time.