5 Time Saving Life Hacks for the Busy Housewife

Busy HousewifeThe modern housewife/mother must have her wits about her at all times, if she is to successfully oversee the running of the home, and in order to do that, she must be able to plan and delegate. She most definitely has a few tools that her predecessors did not, the smartphone being just one example, and with a family orientated view, and a little planning, one can enlist the help of all in the home. If you are the one who keeps everything together at home, here are a few great ideas to help you make it work.

  1. Speed Dial Essential Numbers – That wonderful digital device we call a smartphone has many uses, and by keeping the plumber and electrician’s number on speed dial, you will not lose time if the worst happens. If, for example, you desperately needed a plumber in Perth, and you didn’t have a number to call, perth-plumber.com.au/ can have someone there before you know it, at any time of day or night. The emergency services should also be in your phone memory, for obvious reasons, and once you have that covered, you can get back to planning the daily routine.
  1. Delegate Daily Tasks – Unless you happen to be a superwoman who has thirty hours in her day, you will need the help of the family. The best idea is to call a family meeting, when you can discuss together the daily chores, and then you can all compile a weekly rota. Young children should not be left out of this, even tidying your own room is a big help, and it instils a level of responsibility in the youngster.
  1. Arrange Essential Maintenance – Once you have found a reliable plumber, roofing contractor and electrician, have them make annual inspections. That way, all your essential systems will be running smoothly, and the last thing you need is a burst water pipe or a short circuit. You might want to include an arborist on that list, as he can make sure that your trees do not obstruct power lines, and any dangerous branches can be safely removed.
  1. Motivate the Family – At the outset, everyone will be keen to complete their chores, but after a while the novelty wears off, so it is important to have regular meetings. You could even have special prizes for a job well done, and perhaps ask the family to brainstorm ways to make things even more efficient. Recycling and saving energy should both be topics that are open for discussion, and school teaches the kids all about the environment, so they would probably have some great ideas on how to make the home a little greener.
  1. Manage your Time WellTime management is a critical factor for a busy person, especially if it involves multi-tasking, so it is a good idea to create a chart with all your hours marked, then you can start to add your daily tasks and you will discover ways to combine certain things, and you will become more efficient.

Running a family home is no easy thing, and with so many things to think about, you must be organised. If you take up the above ideas, the results should be noticeable, and the daily chores are seen in a different light, while you bond more as a family.