What could be causing an increase in your water bills?

Leakage could be causing an increase in your water bills
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If your water bills suddenly start to increase then there must be a reason. If you have had friends or family staying with you then you might reasonably expect your water usage to increase. This could lead to an increase in your water bills. In situations like this you should not be concerned if your water bill increases; but what happens if there is an increase and your circumstances have not changed at all?

If your water bills increase, and your household circumstances have not changed in any way, you should investigate the reason for the increase. You may be surprised at how relatively simple plumbing problems can lead to you using a lot more water than usual.

The problem with leaking pipes and taps

Leaks in pipes and taps are one of the major causes of an increase in the use of water in the home. It may surprise you to learn that one leaking tap can drip up to 20 gallons of water in just one day; that is a huge amount of water wasted. This is water that you are paying for, so you can see how something as simple as a dripping tap can lead to an increase in your water bills.

This is why it’s so important to not just ignore a dripping tap. You should either deal with the issue yourself or call a plumber in Sydney to help. You should also keep an eye on the pipes in your home. If you check the pipes in your property on a regular basis you should quickly be able to spot any problems and get them fixed.

Why a leaking toilet can be an issue

It’s not just a dripping taps and leaking pipes that can cause you to use more water than usual; a leaking toilet can too. If you think that there is a problem with the flush ball valve in your toilet you should remove the top from the toilet tank and then flush the toilet. You should then allow the tank to refill and place a few drops of dye in the water. After waiting around twenty minutes, if you can see colour in the toilet bowl you know there is a problem with the flush ball valve.

Of course, this is only one of several reasons why the toilet in your home may leak. If you suspect that your toilet may be leaking then you should speak to a professional plumber about getting it checked out. It’s worth doing this if your water bills suddenly increase. A plumber can check your toilet for any leaks. They can also check out all of the pipework in your home. This is important because some pipework may be hidden away from view and difficult for you to access.

Remember, there must be a reason for an increase in your water bills. The sooner you find out what the reason is the sooner you can start using less water and your bills can return to normal.