These Are the Essential Fixes That Every Cottage Needs

Many people purchase a cottage as a second home that is simple to maintain. Another reason they purchase is because they want to downsize, create a smaller footprint and live a simpler life. This is very admirable. We are living in the age of consumption and anything we can do to detach from holding on to so much stuff has been proven to be a healthy decision to make.

However simplifying your life is not the same as living in total discomfort, so those who purchase a cottage also want to have a place to occupy that is comfortable and contains the amenities that make life worth living. Unfortunately many cottages only contain the bare minimum amenities and are built as just built for basic living. Here are some essential fixes that can make the difference between being uncomfortable and living it up in your cottage.

Get New Windows and Doors

One of the first things to focus on improving in your cottage are the windows and doors. Doors are very important because they provide security for your cottage, when they fit well, they keep your cottage the desired temperature, and the new door can also be stylish and upgrade the look of your cottage. You should also replace windows.

Today’s high quality windows are long-lasting, easy to clean, and beautiful. When you get new windows and doors you can also eliminate any drafts in your cottage and lower heating and cooling cost as a result. Many people assume that the cost of replacing windows and doors is prohibitive, but when you weigh the benefits that it brings it is a small price to pay.

Landscape and Make Use of Outdoor Areas

Cottages or small and can sometimes be confining. There only a few rooms for you to live in and when can quickly wish for additional space. One way to create additional space is to use the land around your cottage as additional living areas. In order to do this you will likely have to landscape the areas around your home. Consider carving out spaces where you can set up outdoor furniture. Perhaps you want to place a table and chairs, and maybe even build a deck for yourself. You can landscape around this deck with bushes and plants and highlight this green area with a variety of colorful flowers. Using this approach you can create a sanctuary type atmosphere that you will be able to whenever you need to unwind and de-stress. This fix is low cost and can add greatly to your cottage.

Repair any Damaged Parts of the Structure

Typically cottages are made at least partially of wood which has a tendency to be damaged by bugs. If you have noticed any wood either in the interior exterior of your cottage that is showing bug damage, you should immediately call in an expert to determine the severity of the problem. Remember, you are only likely viewing a small portion of the damage, and the longer you wait the more damage is likely being done to your cottage. So act early and avoid a potentially very expensive repair job. Companies that provide service for these kinds of issues have innovative ways that can fix the problem quickly and cheaply. So again act fast and it will really pay off.

Your cottage should be your home or home away from home, and provide you with comfort and safety. Take the time to do these Common Sense fixes and it will improve both of value and livability of your cottage.