Top Tips for Instilling Your Unique Style into Your Home with the Right Décor and Design 

When we decorate our homes, we want them to be perfect – we want our homes to reflect our personalities and lifestyle and show what’s important to us, but at the same time, we want our homes to be comfortable and welcoming. But decorating your home doesn’t just involve displaying a few generic and common pieces here and there – everyone seems to have that clear vase and that ‘Home sweet home’ sign, after all. If you really want your home to stand out, you have to put a bit of effort into its decoration and design. Here are some top tips for instilling your own unique style into your home with the right décor and design. 

  • Think about colour 

The very first aspect you should think about if you want to transform your home is colour. Your colour choices mean a lot, especially when it comes to different rooms such as your bedroom, living area, kitchen, and so on. You want your home to be a reflection of you, and you can begin by choosing the right colours according to your preferences and personality. 

Just think about this: if you had to describe yourself as a colour, you probably wouldn’t go for grey or beige, would you? Whilst these colours are certainly popular, you can add a bit more personality to your home by choosing bold colours as accents in different areas, such as navy blue, sea green, fuschia, aubergine, emerald green, or even black. One tip: black and white prints such as A4 wall prints are particularly attractive, especially when paired with an accent wall in another striking colour like deep red. The proper use of colour – whether on a wall, throw pillows, housewares, and so on – can give your home that interesting look.

  • Think about style 

The next aspect you have to think about is style. The thing with style is that you’re not limited in your choices – in fact, you can even mix and match different styles if that’s what you feel like, as long as it’s done in a thoughtful way. You can, for example, mix contemporary with traditional, glam with vintage, gothic with modern, and so on. Here’s one tip: you can choose one major style (such as traditional or minimalist) and incorporate about 10 to 20% of another distinct style just to give your home some balance; just make sure the styles complement and reflect your personality as well. 

  • Think unique 

Items which are mass-produced tend to be boring, so if you want some additional flair in your home, why not try repurposing some items? For instance, you can turn a hardly-used jar or basket into a light fixture, or paint certain items in a different, bold colour so they can stand out. 

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