The Best PS4 Games To Play This Weekend

Regardless of whether you’re an accountant, a waitress, or a virtual scribe employed by Provider’s Choice Scribe Services, we all have limited free time. We spend five days a week at a work and only have two entirely to ourselves. The ratio is not in our free time’s favor, so it’s critical to spend it wisely. In order to relax, many people today are playing video games, but even on the weekends, it can be difficult to find time to play, what with kids, chores, and other events that require your attention; so if you’re going to play a game, you want to be sure that it’s worth your time. If you have a Playstation 4, these are among the best exclusive games worthy of your attention.

Spider-Man (PS4)

Become the famous web-slinger himself in Insomniac’s version of Spider-Man. Released in 2018, this action-adventure game lets you swing through past buildings and traffic, fight crime, and utilize all of the hero’s most popular abilities. No other game lets you feel quite like Spidey himself. A spin-off game was released that follows Miles Morales as the spectacular wall-crawler and the official sequel is intended to release in 2023.

God of War

This 2018 release serves as a continuation of Kratos’ journey while simultaneously rebooting the series that first graced the Playstation 2 in 2005. Another action-adventure game, this game was developed by Santa Monica Studios and earned 2018’s Game of the Year Award. The protagonist, Kratos, is joined by his son as the pair travel to scatter his wife’s ashes at the top of a mountain. It contains plenty of action, heart, and stunning graphics. The sequel, God of War: Ragnarok, is expected to release in 2022, so pick this one up and start playing.


If you’re up for a challenge, this game will test your might. Created by FromSoftware, the minds behind the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne is an extremely difficult game set in a gothic-horror setting. Released way back in 2015, it plays similar to other FromSoftware games: and that’s not a bad thing. It’s incredibly satisfying to slash and shoot the monsters and fiends that crawl out in the night. Just be prepared for the boss fights, as they will likely take you multiple tries to complete.


These are among the Playstation 4’s highest-rated exclusives, but there are plenty of other excellent games to choose from. The weekend will be over soon enough, forcing you to shut off the console and head back to work on Monday morning. But that’s okay, in only five days you’ll be able to continue your virtual gaming journey–just remember to get some sunlight at some point.