How to Kill Some Time When Traveling Alone

If you enjoy solo travel then you will know only too well that there will be many moments doing your trip when you need to kill a bit of time. If you were traveling with others during these times then you would be able to have some fun playing games or enjoying some conversation which can help pass the time, which isn’t available when you are on your own. There are however many ways in which you can pass time and enjoy yourself whilst you are waiting for the next flight, train, experience or event, and here are some tips on doing exactly that.

Get Your Tech OnĀ 

Planning ahead for any trip is vital and when it comes to killing some time it makes sense to plan ahead for this too and making sure that you have plenty of entertainment at your fingertips will be a great help. Before you leave home make sure that you download some films and TV shows which you can watch during those down times, the same goes for getting some books on your E-reader, the perfect tonic for spare time. The second point when it comes to using tech to keep you company is to ensure that you have your charger cables with you and that you keep your gadgets juiced up.

Meeting People

You may not be traveling with friends or family but that is no reason not to still enjoy the company of others. You can use dating apps to find fellow singletons looking to spend their time with someone, you could use websites like MeetUp which will put you in touch with like minded people running events, or you could even hire yourself an escort to keep you company, and indulge you in having a good time. Last year in England I used a Manchester escorts service which took good care of me during some free time which I had. Alternatively you could go traditional and head to a local bar or cafe and simply strike up a conversation with others in there.


Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean that you can’t continue your fitness goals and there are gyms all over the world where you can pay a small admission fee and have a good workout. Many people travel the world full-time and frequent gyms in whichever city or town they happen to be in and you can do the same, keeping you healthy and keeping you busy.


Personally I find that those moments of down time are perfect for reflection and as such writing is a great pastime for these moments. Capture the memories of your trip, make plans for the future, get creative and write a story or you could even write letters to family and friends. Writing is about more than just killing time, it is also about getting your creative juices flowing and creating something beautiful.

Don’t simply sit and wait, use your down time to do something a little more exciting.