The Best Xbox 360 Games of All Time

The Xbox 360 is one of the most played and reputable console that has been making waves in the gaming generations. Besides real money online pokies, the Xbox 360 has not only inspired the gamers but it has also inspired the best Xbox One games that have been popular. 

The gaming console is actually approaching its 20th Anniversary and many gaming titles that are worth playing have been inspired by the best Xbox One games. 

Some of these Xbox 360 games have been a joy to play and some of the titles you can come across include: 

  • GTA
  • Far Cry 
  • Borderlands
  • Halo
  • Mass Effect 
  • BioShock

Mass Effect 2 

Mass Effect 2 is a pinnacle of BioWare and EA’s ambitious space odysseys. The story of this thrilling game start with a banger with protagonist Shepard is cruelly killed, it was only to be rebuilt by Cerberus. The gameplay is very smooth and this is one of the game that you should consider playing on Xbox 360. 

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is actually perfect as it comes. The game offer a Wild West story. The gameplay is very smooth and thrilling at the same time. The Redemption lend a sense of authenticity to Mr. Marston. It’s not surprising that this game is immersed and it is complete mostly in the wild, wild west. 

Grand Theft Auto V

If you are aware of Rockstar games, you should be expecting something thrilling when you play Grand Theft Auto V. You can choose to lead three protagonists through some exciting story missions. Even though Grand Theft Auto V is thrilling, you should also consider playing online casino games for real money through sites like Casino games can offer you thrilling gaming experience that will allow you to win real money.  

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