Keith Springer – Why Your Family Needs a Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor

For many years I considered the financial advisors of this World like Keith Springer to be solely for the mega-rich and high earning companies. I thought that the only advice which they could offer was how people can grow their wealth and how companies can best protect their assets.

A few years ago I was chatting to a friend of mine, he had a similar salary and family situation as I did and he was telling me about the benefits of a financial advisor for his family. I was pretty intrigued and at the time we had been trying to cut things down a little in terms of how much we were spending. I thought I’d give it a go and I was blown away by the results. I wanted to let you know what you can expect from a financial advisor should your family wish to tighten things up a little.

Planning Help

It wasn’t until I started speaking with an advisor that I realized how ill prepared I was for the future, I had no funds set up for the kids to go to college and I only had a small retirement plan for myself and my wife. The advisor soon sorted all of this out for us and advised us on many great accounts which could help us to better plan for the future. I thought that I wasn’t in a position to save but it turned out that I just wasn’t doing things smartly enough.

Better Deals

Within just a few short weeks of contacting the advisor, she had got me a better deal on my mortgage and my energy bills which saved me hundreds of dollars each month. I think that most of us simply accept the way things are instead of seeking to find better deals on monthly payments, instead of seeking better prices. The advisor was not only the position to find better deals but also knew what to say and how to say it when it came to negotiating prices.

Investment Advice

I had always thought that I didn’t really have the kind of financial comfort to invest money in anything and thought that it was something better left to the big earners. After saving so much money on my monthly costs, my advisor informed me of some investment opportunities. I thought about it for a while and then went for it, they didn’t all come off but I made a great amount of profit from the ones which did. If you want to get started in investing then an advisor can set you on your way.


I thought that a financial advisor would judge me for my spending but that really wasn’t the case and she helped me to set up easy to use internal audits and monthly budgets which we still use today. Having the conversation about the finances was a great way for me to be more conscious about what I was doing and I would recommend a financial advisor to anyone looking to take control of their financial situation.