Patrick Lanning: Getting the Most Out of College Life

When young people begin their lives as college students, it is typically quite different than the life they had as a student previously. It is true that some students go to boarding schools or educational institutions that place a high demand on there being focused, and independent, but typically students come from learning environments where they are handheld and ushered through toward graduation.

For this reason many college students have a hard adjustment in making transition to college life. What they eventually learn is that there is a different set of skills, a different approach, and a different set of expectations then need to be enlisted in order to be successful:

It is okay to be confused and unsure

Many students that come to college have a clear idea about what they want to do in life end the road that they will take to reach that goal. Other students start out this way and find during their college years that their minds are changed and right in the middle of pursuing what they thought was their chosen career path, they make a change. And other students are not clear when they into college about exactly what they want their lives to become. Educators like Patrick Lanning, who have seen tens of thousands of students on campus, hat happens with nearly all of them is that things become clear during their time at college. The best approach to take is to get comfortable that you may not be 100% sure about your future. Focus on your classes and being a good student, and all options for your future will be available to you.

Set goals for yourself

Successful students map out a strategy for success with clear and concise goals set. College life can be overwhelming with so many classes, so many teachers, and a demanding schedule that at times provides little sleep. You can easily get caught up in the moment and lose sight of the larger goal which is your degree and your career. When this happens individual classes do not seem important, and assignments that you may not like scene easy to push aside.

The reality is that all of your assignments and all of your classes are important in the bigger picture. They each provide something that you will need in your chosen career. As a result you need to be focused on doing great in every class in which you enroll. The way to remind yourself of this is to keep focused on the big picture. If you are studying to become a doctor and you find yourself in History Class wondering what this particular topic has to do with your medical career, remind yourself that if it wasn’t important, it wouldn’t be part of your required classes. Stay focused on your large goals and it will motivate you through classes that you may not prefer but are mandatory.

Make friends that support your success at the school

Many students attending college go to schools far away from where they live. As a result they live on campus, or off campus and their lives revolve around the college. In this environment away from home and their parents, there is the steady pull to focus on social activities rather than school activities. And at every college no matter its academic standing, they’re those students who never seem to have to go to class, never seem to have assignments due, and always seem to have time to socialize and have fun. They are also the ones trying to convince every other student that they should have fun as well instead of doing the class work. These students should be avoided.

Instead you should surround yourself with students who have a strong dedication to getting good grades and working towards their degree. They say that who you spend your time with demonstrates where you going, so by spending time around dedicated students it will force you to be dedicated as well. If there is the opportunity to have fun when your work is done, occasionally on weekends ordering a holiday, make sure that that fun is reasonable and does not interfere with any work or classes.