How To Choose The Right Fume Hood For Your Lab 

Having worked on laboratory design for quite a number of years now, I have seen a marked change in the types of fume hoods which are on the market and which are in demand from scientific and education facilities. The change has fallen in line with the advancement of science and we no longer have a need for such powerful fume hoods as we once did. This evolution of science sees us rarely require the use for a high powered chemical fume hood as we have smarter and more efficient ways of of conducting experiments.

As a result of the wide range of hoods available, it can be tough to decide on which one is right for you and for your lab. In order to select the right hood then, here is what you should be thinking about.

Eco Friendly

More and more projects that I work on require an eco-friendly design and much of the focus is on the efficient removal of toxic chemicals that are being produced. It is worth therefore, considering what level of environmental efficiency you are looking for inside your lab. If you do want a fully eco-friendly hood, it will cost you more money but in my experience, these hoods have always been a sound investment.


I would certainly say that you get what you pay for when it comes to fume hoods and the amount which you are willing to spend is a huge factor in your decision. It is worth considering for what you actually need the hood as you will find much cheaper hoods if you are only running a small operation. If you were to have a higher budget then you could invest in a high powered fume hood which will last for a very long time, be incredibly efficient and will also save you money on energy costs in the future. Once you have worked out how much you have and how much you are willing to spend on the hood, your decision will become a great deal easier.


Finally it is worth rounding up all of the requirements that you have and the benefits which you are looking for from this piece of equipment. Cost is naturally one of the biggest factors in your decision but there are also other areas which you need to be thinking about. Your considerations should be around the duration for which you want this product, the amount of work that it will be doing, the risk of air loss and the dimensions that you are looking for. As you go through each of your requirements, you will no doubt find yourself whittling down the range of products available until you only have a few to choose between.

I would always say that it is worth investing in a long lasting and eco-friendly fume hood if your budget allows you, they can save energy, save money and they are some of the very best fume hoods on the market.