Old Furniture and New décor – The Perfect Fusion

Vintage furniture has seen a spike in popularity in recent years, as more and more interior design projects are based upon these retro designs; with pieces that stretch as far back as the 1920’s and beyond.

The reason for this spike in popularity is thanks to the character and charm is that such pieces possess. Many of these designs being one offs or make use of unconventional materials and crafting methods, which may not be used in furniture today.

Such is the rise in popularity of vintage furniture, that companies are now replicating these designs using modern techniques – aiming to retain the vintage look while injecting them with modern convivences and reliability.

The best way to achieve the perfect fusion of modern and vintage home design is through combining furniture and décor. This is because no matter the era or setting, furniture and the décor have always worked in unison; with both elements working, off one another to deliver a charismatic room setting.

This means finding décor that will deliver a fresh and modern look and feel, while also flexible enough that it works well with a vintage theme.

However, one of the most important elements to make a combination of modern and vintage design work is your choice of floor.

But why the floor you ask? Well the floor is and always has been the anchor of any interior design. Say you don’t like the choice of wallpaper or your wall mirror does fit in well work well with your vintage design creating a clash of styles. Yet these can be easily swapped and changed around until the right chemistry is achieved.

The floor though, is a different matter as it is not the easiest piece to change in an interior design, with frequent changes being not only inconvenient and disruptive but also expensive.

But what flooring type should you go for? One option would be to take advantage of your homes ‘natural’ design features, as an example you could make use of an original stone under floor in the kitchen. This would work great for a vintage kitchen design, with retro worktops and a vintage wooden dining table.

However, for those who do not have such hidden features what options are available to you?

The most suitable option is the wooden floor path. Here you have the options of traditional hardwood flooring or engineered wood. The main advantage of wood flooring is that it will pair very well with a vintage themed room, with both bouncing of each other with an amazing sense of chemistry.

This is especially the case with the latter, as engineered flooring is available in a wide choice of colours and styles. This means it delivers the chemistry that comes from a traditional hardwood floor, while also offering flexibility to find just the right wood floor style to work with your vintage theme.