Today’s Hottest Bathroom Design Trends


Bathrooms, along with outdoor patios, are usually the most remodeled areas of a home. So it is no surprise that many homeowners are redoing their bathrooms to make improvements and catch today’s hottest trends. For all of you interested homeowners, here are a few of the hottest trends!

Increased Use of Glass, Tile and Stone in int he Bathroom

There is much less use of traditional surfaces like wood and paint in bathrooms today and an increased use of glass, tile and stone. These include on walls, as backslpash and even inside vanities and cabinets. They add a warmth and richness to a bathroom and last much longer than painting and wallpaper.

Water Efficient Showerheads and Faucets

Water efficiency is cool today and everyone is focused on finding ways to save water. Also due to prolonged droughts in California and other parts of the country predicted to continue, finding ways to make due with less water may not be an option for many.

Together, these factors justify the focus on efficient water fixtures. These include; low flow toilets, water efficient showerheads and water saving bathroom faucets. For most today, these are no-brainer purchases. The best news is you do not sacrifice style, convenience or pay an additional price for any of these products. So it is a win all away around.

Bathroom Vanities with Open Shelving

We are living in a more open society so why not have your vanity out in the open for all to see.

This approach demands that you take the extra time to arrange your toiletries and cleaners in ways that are suitable viewing for the eyes of anyone who might freshen up in your bathroom.

Open shelving is a great motivator for removing clutter and keeping shelves clean. But for those of you who don’t keep on top of the housekeeping, you may want to put some doors on your vanity and hope this trend doesn’t last too long.

A great compromise is to have some cabinets be open shelving (perhaps those at eye level) and others not (say where you keep the cleaners and personal items below the sink). This way you can be up to date and partially concealed too.

Angular, Rectangle and Square Shaped Fixtures and Showerheads

Angular rectangle and square shaped designs are hot these days. These blocky looks are popping up everywhere from clothing fashion to even car design, so the bathroom was definitely going to get in on it all.  Geometric inspired square faucets and fixtures are finding their way into master baths and powder rooms across America. Angular designs are making appearances in a variety of bath elements, including bathtubs, showerheads and toothbrush holders. You can add these to an existing bathroom with no remodeling required or small amounts which may include changing a faucet or a showerhead.

Trough Sinks

This terrible name for a really elegant product, is superhot in bathrooms today. Troughs are extra-long and can accommodate two or more people at a time. This product can be used by the whole family or couple who need extra sink space at the same exact time. A trough sink is configured differently than the double sinks that were so popular in the 1980s. Back then, it was trendy in some areas to have two separate sinks incorporated into the same vanity. Trough sinks aren’t new though. But the latest trough sinks are styled to appeal to contemporary consumers, and they offer outstanding style and functionality.

Shower Seats

If your idea of taking a shower is standing up, then a shower seat sounds like an oxymoron. In the past, showers were designed for use by people in the upright standing position. Today however, more and more people are sitting in the shower. This type of shower is great for those mornings when you are half awake or exhausted before bed or after a workout. And, they look great too.