Make Your Husband Happy, Build Him a Man Cave 

Your husband works really hard, putting in the extra hours so that he can contribute to the happiness and comfort of your family. Maybe he does some type of manual labor and comes home exhausted from working with a work crew. Perhaps he pushes a pencil in an office where the stress is high, or maybe he is a salesman pushing for his next commission against the competition in and outside of his company. In any case he is working his butt off to try and get the job done.

When he comes home, perhaps his time before bed is brief after spending time with the kids and on weekends, he has his chores and responsibilities that keep him jumping a good part of the time. So if you add it all up, his week is pretty hectic. Wouldn’t it be nice to provide for him a place that is just his, where he can relax maybe have a few friends over sometime, and bask in some me time? The perfect place for this is a man cave and you should really consider building him one.

Where to build a Man Cave

The ideal location for a man cave is a place that is usually underutilized in a home, the basement. Most homeowners don’t really use their basements for valuable, functional purposes. In fact, most are used mainly for stowing old unused items and not much more. But there is so much use for a basement and one perfect use is a man cave. This space is the perfect spot for creating that place where he can get away fur never leave the house and where he can bring friends over but be close enough for you to call him if you need him.

Building a Man Cave

In order to build the perfect man cave you need to start with a group that knows how to build them into any space. Yes find yourself a great contractor. And also there are some things you can do on your own. To buy fixtures like windows and tile call a company Community Builders Tulsa to get the right price.

Your contractor can deal with any structural issues and problems such as damp walls, cracks, leaks, exposed pipes or other issues that might stop the project.

Make it His Space

Get a design that fits his desires. You know your husband and what he likes. Is he a pool player? Plan to bring in a pool table. Does he love video games? Make sure you have the latest X-Box installed. Does he just like to sit in an easy chair and watch movies and sports? Make sure you get him a huge big screen TV. Make it fit his personality and he will love you for it.

Don’t Forget the Small Things

Does it get cold in the winter where you live? Make sure to add insulation and a great heating system to his man cave or he might not use it half the year. Are there any windows? You may need to put in one or two, especially if he and the boys love to enjoy a cigar now and then. Really think through the needs for the uses he will have for his private space.

When you build his man cave, you should expect that he will not want you in it very often. Do not be offended, because he cannot help himself. This is a primary male instinct taking over. He will however come up for dinner.