4 Common Roofing Errors To Avoid This Spring

Are you guilty of committing one of a number of Common Roofing Errors?

When it comes to something as important as your roof, mistakes are not only inevitable in a DIY job, but they are also incredibly costly in the long run, and can lead to further exponential damage to the rest of your home. Professional roofing services in the GTA exist for a reason, and the dangers of hiring an inexperienced roofer (or of trying to fix the job yourself) are myriad. In the end, it pays to ensure you choose a qualified, reputable expert when you renovate your roof. Consider the following roofing faux pas to avoid when you need to repair your damaged or compromised roof:

Poor Nailing

One of the biggest roofing mistakes made by DIY enthusiasts and novice roofers is incorrect nailing techniques. Shingles are usually made of fiberglass with a layer of asphalt applied to the top. When you drive a nail through a shingle, it literally tears the shingle and, if you pull the nail with too much force, the shingle will become compromised. This is why it becomes doubly important to throw away all damaged shingles instead of trying to reuse them, as shingles are never meant to withstand massive force.

Incorrect Installation of Shingles

DIY enthusiasts — or ‘pros’ hired on craigslist — often place the shingles in the incorrect position, allowing for water to invade the cladding around the shingles. A key factor that contributes to this problem is to place shingles on a low sloping roof. Poor angling makes it particularly difficult for the shingles to work properly and slough off the water. Shingles are not magical armor and will not serve their purpose if the slope of the roof is inadequate.

Use of Asphalt Cement in Repairs

One major misconception is that because shingles are covered with a layer of asphalt, it is ideal to simply skip the middle man, so to speak, and to use asphalt to repair damaged roofs. This results in improper mixing of materials and increases the overall damage to the roof. Damaged shingles should always be replaced with new shingles — end of paragraph.


Poor Ventilation of the Attic

According to health experts, 58% of all asthma cases are related to poorly ventilated roofs. Hot, moist roofs are the perfect incubator for infectious bacteria and can lead to major health problems such as asthma, allergies, and the growth of mold or asbestos. There are also financial problems associated with poor ventilation of the attic, resulting in increased air conditioning and heating bills.

To avoid these roofing pitfalls, be sure to choose a roofing company that offers emergency services to customers, and that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to its customers. If you live in the GTA, consider a company such as Professional Roofers, who offer round the clock emergency roofing services. A quality, trustworthy roofer should provide you with municipal and provincial licenses (depending on where in the GTA you live), and they should also have plenty of positive testimonials on a non-biased website. Check out https://www.professionalroofers.com/ to see the myriad services available including cost-free appraisals, major warranty options, and even a digital design-your-own-roof feature. They should also have a positive ranking with the Better Business Bureau — a claim no craigslister can back.

If you suspect your roof is compromised, every hour you wait could be compounding the problem. Be sure to contact a professional Toronto-area roofer right away. Your family’s health, the value of your home and your wallet will all be better for it.