Why you Should Invest in a Good Toothbrush

Toothbrushes are a necessity in everyday life – chances are you probably don’t even give a second thought to your choice of toothbrush, so much as you merely make sure you have one at all times. Although having a toothbrush is essential for daily dental hygiene, more time and care should be taken to choose a design that can help fend off any dental issues in the long-term, not just the short-term.

Invest in an electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes have been repeatedly proven to be significantly more efficient in combatting any dental health issues. Investing in an electric toothbrush is vital in helping to at first reduce, and eventually fully eliminate plaque due to the smaller heads, which makes it easier to reach in to the corners of your mouth that are harder to reach – as well as making it more comfortable than using a manual brush. Although manual toothbrushes can eliminate plaque if used twice a day, a good electric toothbrush can ensure every inch of your teeth, from the backs of your molars to the gum line, is left squeaky clean.

Manual vs. electric

A good electric toothbrush is a fantastic long-term investment for many other reasons. For starters, with manual brushes, there is a tendency to brush too hard – something which can cause excessive bleeding, the removal of enamel from the teeth (which leads to significantly increased tooth sensitivity), as well as receding gums on a long-term basis and the high costs of speciality mouthwash to eradicate this problem. With an electric toothbrush, the brush itself does all the hard work for you and you are merely left to reposition the device, leaving no risk of brushing too hard and erasing all major issues that could potentially arise from brushing.

This means the brush can offer more universally user-friendly oral care. The simplicity of use makes it easier for those with dexterity-limiting physical conditions, while the larger handles are far easier to grasp than the slender manual toothbrush. Some varieties of electric toothbrushes even come equipped with high-tech features such as a built-in timer, to make sure you’ve brushed for the required amount of time – a function that can also help to deter the problem of excessive brushing.

Investing in a good toothbrush is cost-effective

Electric toothbrushes are available at a variety of prices, with even the most expensive proving cost-effective due to the help they can provide fighting back against dental issues. Take the Philips Sonicare Bluetooth FlexCare Platinum Electric Toothbrush & UV Sanitiser, for example. As well as carrying out all the practical tasks listed above, this is one of many designs on the market that has received positive feedback from users due to having wireless technology features. Simply, the brush delivers data about your teeth and brushing habits to an app on your mobile phone – which in the long-term will remove the need to make expensive dentist appointments.

You should definitely invest in a better toothbrush. To find the model suited to your needs, visit bestelectrictoothbrush.org.uk to see what each brush has to offer.