California Cannabis Delivery Regulations

California Cannabis Delivery Regulations are proving to be very complex
Photo by CC user Cooljuno411 on Wikimedia Commons

New regulations in the marijuana industry, including rules on how you can get your pot in California without making a trip to a dispensary, can cause confusion if you’re a medical cannabis patient. As you search for a cannabis delivery company that can bring your medicine to you, here’s what you need to know.

Regulations for a Cannabis Delivery Company in California

Requirements for cannabis delivery companies in California now state that marijuana can only be delivered to registered patients, and it can only be delivered by dispensaries. These requirements are in place for cities and counties that aren’t protected by local ordinances. In cities and counties that have local ordinances on the books, delivery laws differ and it’s best to check with local government to see if your pot delivery is legal.

Current laws dictate that no locality can bar the transport of delivered marijuana products through its territory, however. Somewhat confusingly, regulations right now state that dispensaries with no more than 3 locations will be allowed to deliver “where expressly authorized” according to local ordinance. This leaves things a bit unclear as to what conditions might apply.

Cannabis Delivery in Westwood and Other Parts of Los Angeles

Every marijuana delivery in California must be documented, and this includes cannabis delivery in Westwood and in many other parts of Los Angeles. Marijuana deliveries may be taxed by individual local counties, and state law lacks any concrete provisions for delivery services other than describing they’re justified on grounds that some patients don’t have transportation and can’t grow pot themselves.

Many dispensaries organize their delivery services as part of a non-profit cooperative or collective, putting management in the hands of members and not one individual. This helps spread around any risk of not complying with laws that might be unclear. Local jurisdictions are starting to ban marijuana delivery services, so anyone looking for a cannabis delivery company needs to stay current on territory-specific laws if they want to depend on medicine transport from a specific dispensary near them.

When you’re Googling “weed delivery near me,” you’ll likely find many options for pot delivery. But, before you get too attached to a certain delivery service, do a bit of inquiry to make sure that local and state regulations are being followed by that company, given the uncertain and evolving nature of the industry. Green Door West is a cannabis delivery company that stays up-to-date on changing regulations in the medical cannabis market. We offer medical marijuana delivery throughout the Los Angeles area.