Imagine What Smart Phones will be like in 10 years

Less than 10 years ago Apple released the first iPhone and changed the tech market forever. Think how far technologies on our mobile phones have advanced since then, apps for everything, high definition video, and now ever waterproof. Technology is growing at a exponential rate, we didn’t even have cellphones twenty years ago. If smartphones have changed this much since release, imagine what smart phones will be like in 10 years.

what smart phones will be like
Part of your Home
Many business predictions for the technology market proclaim smart devices to be the wave of the future. This means your smart phone will hook up with all your devices. So instead of just having a smartphone you will have a smart-fridge, smart-TV, maybe even a smart-toilet? While some of these products already exist they do not work together seamlessly. In the future you will likely be able to control ever appliance in your house through your smart phone, this means rooms temperatures adjusting to your location, being able to see what is in your fridge via your phone while grocery shopping, or feeding your pets while on vacation. It is likely all your appliances in future will be as sophisticated as smart phones will be like in 10 years

Augmented Reality

By combining high bandwidth wireless data and GPS technologies, it is likely augmented reality will be a big part of what smart phones will be like in 10 years. With 3d projection, possible tied to an eye-glass style device, augmented reality is a combination of virtual reality and actual reality. Imagine looking at a restaurant when you walk by it on the street and instantly seeing online reviews or playing a game of chess with a friend on a picnic table with no psychical pieces. The possibilities of augmented reality are truly exciting and the sky is really the limit.

Which Brands?
Many tech and business analysts are curious to know which brands will be the must have smartphones in 10 years. Will Apple and Samsung still rein supreme? While this is possible it is also highly likely a new startup will disrupt the market with previously unthinkable technology. It’s really anyone guess with the logo on our smart phones will be like in 10 years but the savvy investor or inventor who can hone in on what or who will make the next major cell-phone disruption is likely to become very wealthy.

The future of smartphones is uncertain and exciting but these  ideas of what smart phones will be like in 10 years are some of our best guesses. While looking into current technologies may provide some insights, only time can tell what exactly our smart phones will be like in 10 years. Brands, features, and apps will likely change drastically and being on the forefront of these changes is essential for any business leader or tech consultant.