Make Your Website Stand Out.

The web is a cluttered place and it is easy for you site and message to get lost. Here are some tips on how to make your website stand out. By making a clean, fast, modern, and secure site you can ensure visitors (and Google) will make not of your site.


Speed It Up
Today’s users demand everything be on-demand, including your site. So make sure your site is as fast as possible. One way to do this is to use a Content Delivery Network or CDN, such as the one raved about in Sitelock reviews.  A CDN will ensure you content is provided to your clients as fast as possible because it is delivered by geographically nearer sources. Another way to speed up your site is make sure your images are fully compressed and you script and style files are minimized fully. The smaller your files, the quicker you pages loads for you customers and the lower the chance they will leave your site. A fast page load time also factors into Google’s ranking algorithms so if you keep your site lean and clean you can hope for higher search ratings.

Make it Mobile
The latest trend in web development is “mobile-first.” This means what it says, developing websites for the mobile platform first; since that is how most users will be accessing your site. By making your site look and play well with the multitude of devices you will make your web page stand out from the pack and let your visitors know you that your site is as cutting-edge as your message. Some tips for making your site respond to a variety of devices is to use development library’s such Bootstrap (originally developed by Twitter) which will stack your content in a predictable manner depending on the user’s viewport. Be sure to test your site on plenty of different devices and browsers to ensure that all your users are seeing your site as you intended regardless of their device and browser.

Take Design Seriously
Hiring a professional graphic designer is must for creating a site that will reflect the your brand and make your website stand out from the pack. While premade templates and themes may be helpful in spinning up new sites quickly, they can be detrimental in making your site stand out, since users may have already seen that same design! Just like logos, business cards, and catalogs; your website needs a professional and unique design that is both intuitive and attractive. So get a pro to help your site stand out from the pack.

So if you are looking for some ways to make your site different (in a good way) than the countless other sites on the web make sure your site is fast, it has a professional design, and it looks good on all a wide variety of devices. You must go the extra mile to get your site to stand out in today’s saturated online market.