How To Stage a Home For Sale for Cheap

Putting your house up on the market for sale? I’m sure you have read up on how to get the most value for your property. Staging a property is a very important part of getting the highest offers for your house but sometimes staging a home can be expensive. To maximize your profits it is important to keep your staging costs down but still do a quality job. Here are some tips on how to stage a home for sale  for cheap.

Stage a home for sale for cheapMake it Neutral (but still on trend)
You never know who the potential buyers of your home will be; singles, couples (of any genders,) and families are all possibilities. You also don’t the age or tastes of your buyers. One of the best tips on how to stage a home for sale for cheap but still make it successful is to pick neutral furnishings. Clean and clutter free is best choice. You want potential buyers to imagine themselves (no matter who they are) in the home. Keep colors modern but not too trendy, you don’t want to scare of potential buyers if they don’t like your color choice. Have some furniture in your home but do not crowd it with furniture, a bit of furniture makes it look livable and warm but too much makes it feel cramped. Many companies specialize in rental furniture for staging, so this can be a good way to get modern furniture within your budget. So remember when you are trying to stage a home for sale for cheap, go modern, minimalist, and neutral to maximize your appeal to buyers.

Prioritize the Obvious
Let’s face it, you can’t fix everything in your home and even if you could it may not be good business sense. So when you want to stage a home for sale for cheap, it is best to prioritize what buyers will pay the biggest attention too. Besides the obvious such as painting the exterior and keeping the grass cut; there are other small fixes you can take care of that will remove potential red-flags from your buyer’s minds. Look for any cracks, a crack in the siding, walls, concrete will be a major red-flag to any potential buyer. Even if you have been assured that it is purely cosmetic, it may effect the price you get for the house. It is in your interest to fix any cracks anywhere on your property. Outdoor patios and decks are also often liabilities to sale prices when they cracked or rotted wood. Chances are even if your deck is rotted the house foundation is fine but in the buyer’s mind they see a rotting deck and assume your entire home has similar issues. If you aren’t sure what seem obvious, invite a friend who has not been to your house before over and ask them to point out anything they would notice if they were a buyer, a fresh set of eyes can make all the difference.

So when you want to stage a home for sale for cheap make sure you prioritize the obvious issues, the “red-flags” in buyer’s minds. Also, furnish the place with a small amount of modern furniture. Keep this in mind and good luck with your sale!