Ideas to Refresh your Living Room this Summer

Your living room should be just that – a place where lives are lived, and families come together. As such, it also needs to fulfil a wide variety of purposes, from kid’s play area to visitor’s reception to adult hideaway for a relaxing evening.


If your living room isn’t a place where the family wants to spend time together on a summer’s evening, then maybe it is time to give it a makeover and restore it to its rightful place as the focal point of your home. Here are some ideas for doing just that and brightening up your living room this summer, without breaking the bank.

Natural light

You would be amazed at how much more welcoming a room can be when the summer sunlight is streaming in. Get rid of those thick curtains and replace them with some contemporary wooden shutters that will provide a a clean, fresh look, and will also come into their own as added insulation when winter comes back round.

Also take a look at your internal doors. It is surprising how often these get forgotten during a makeover, but they can really make all the difference. Consider full or part-glazed options to add a sense of space and light, particularly in a smaller room.

Even if your living room is not blessed with huge picture windows, you can still maximise the available light and give a greater sense of space with an attractive wall mirror.

Clever colours

Whites and light pastel shades are perfect for creating an airy, summery feel and making your room more welcoming, but be careful not to overdo it, or you will want to redecorate the entire room again come autumn!

Using colours cleverly does not mean entirely repainting the whole room – look to your pictures and accessories for inspiration. You will be astonished at the way a rug and a couple of bright, cheerful prints on the wall can present a real transformation.

Soft furnishings 

Summer is all about light, cooling fabrics. Natural cotton, gingham and denim are all perfect for that summery look.

Invest in some loose fitting covers for your sofas and armchairs, along with plenty of cushion covers, and you will be equipped with everything you need to change the feel of your room in accordance with the seasons.

Bring the outside in

Nothing screams summer like some flowers and plants, so add a bold, rich arrangement of lush foliage to your mantelpiece or as a centrepiece to the coffee table. A simple measure that you can add for a few pounds in a matter of minutes!

If you are not blessed with green fingers, consider dried flowers or even good-quality fakes as a low-maintenance alternative, to achieve the same effect.

A change is as good as a rest

Experiment with the layout of your room to bring about a fresh ambience. While winter is a time for keeping things snug and cosy, summer is all about open and airy, so move the chairs apart, pare down the accessories and make a focal point of the windows and doors. You will be surprised at the difference it makes.