Questions to Ask Moving Companies

There are several Questions to Ask Moving Companies ... see go over the most crucial ones in this post
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When you plan your move from one home to another, it is very important to seek for help because doing everything alone is extremely hard and unreasonable. Some people prefer moving with the help of friend and family members to make it funnier and cheaper (though the latter is not completely true). Other people prefer relying on professional help of experiences moving companies. If you are one of the latter case then we offer you several questions that are important to ask your movers before signing a contract.

Do you work for the mover or are you a broker?

Brokers are not bad guys and they play a very important role in helping you as a customer to match up with the proper moving companies in Calgary. But you have to remember that brokers have no legal rights to provide you a binding estimate. Moreover, in case of any damages or even losses brokers are not responsible for them.

Do you give binding quotes?

Binding estimate means that you pay the sum of money written in a contract. Binding estimates can be given only in-person and only after the in-person check of all your items by the movers’ representative. You may receive non-binding estimates via the phone or email but remember that these are not documents but rough calculations for you move that can and will be changed.

Does the quote include extra charges?

Extra charges are your worst friends because they appear out of the blue and you will have to pay them. So what you need to do is get a binding estimate and make sure that all required services are included in it. After that before signing a contract with any Calgary mover read it carefully and do not rely on someone’s decency. Remember that the same service included into total amount and as an extra fee will cost a lot different.

Will my items be transferred?

If you are planning a long distance move then you are very likely to meet the problem of items transfer from one truck to another. In this case you get higher chances of items damage. It means that you need to inquire about insurance in case of a long-distance move.

What forms of payment do you accept and on what terms?

According to the opinion of one Calgary mover it is not advisable to cooperate with movers who accept only cash. Reliable companies which have all documents in order and no problems with laws will have their accounts in banks so that you can transfer money or write checks. In case of any troubles you will be able to get this money back while cash is much harder to refund.

What type of insurance is included? What other options do I have?

Most frequently you will be offered a 60 cents per pound coverage however you should be ready that your moving company offers some kind of upgrade at a reasonable price. Keep in mind that you also have right to work with 3rd party insurance providers in order to cover the move.

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