Why You Should Consider a Private Jet Rental for Your Next Trip

It may not have occurred to you to consider private jet rentals for your next trip. Whether that excursion is personal or for business, flying private could be a reasonable option that’s within your reach.

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t consider flying commercial one big hassle. In fact, there’s plenty of people who probably don’t fly at all for just that reason.  

Maybe eliminating all those hassles would be worth paying a premium for. Think about it. People who fly private enjoy the following:


When you travel by private jet you get to choose your schedule. Find a charter company and tell them when and where you want to go. And because private planes have access to more airports than commercial airlines, you can pretty much go anywhere. 

Travel time

Think about how much time it takes to travel commercially. It’s a lot longer than actual flight time (obviously). You have to drive yourself to the airport, park, and walk to the terminal. You may have to check bags. You have to go through security. Of course, if the airport is busy, you will be waiting in lines.

Sometimes it turns out that driving to your destination may be quicker than flying commercial. Now think about how much faster it would be to travel private.


This goes hand in hand with travel time. Of course the less time you spend traveling, the more time you have for other things. And if you need to work during the flight, a private jet’s amenities like wide, comfortable seats with plenty of legroom make working a lot easier. 

No Hassles

The perks of private jet travel are well known, so let’s instead consider a couple things you might not have thought of that are sticking points with commercial: pets and liquids over 3 ounces! Both are welcome on private jets.


You may not think that affordability and private jet travel belong in the same sentence, but when you consider the value of your time, you may find that it makes a lot of sense. Plus you may find discounts if you have a group that can rent the whole plane or by booking seats on empty leg flights.

Check It Out

Before you book your next ticket on a commercial flight, investigate your options on a private jet. You may find that the premium is worth it. And it may become the only way you travel.