Here’s how to travel organised to maximise your trip abroad

You can be unorganised in most areas of your life, but when it comes to traveling, you have to devote your time and energy preparing your stuff and planning. Different destinations will require different levels or organisation.

In this article, we’ll talk about creating itineraries, acquiring travel insurance promotions, packing carry-ons, returning to work after your travel, organising travel mementoes and others. Cut your stress down and maximise actual fun by following these simple organising tips.

Use a simple travel planning checklist


Whether you’re planning months or a day ahead, making use of a travel planning checklist will help you tremendously, especially if you’re the forgetful kind.

3-6 months ahead:

– Contact your travel agent if you’re working with one. Tell them your planned destination, what you want to do and your budget.

– Find affordable travel insurance. With all travel insurance providers in the market, you have the benefit of a lower cost and more choices. Seek out travel insurance promotions ahead of time to take advantage of lower cost and more features.

– Secure passports and visas. In case something needs an update, locate what you need ahead of time to make the process much less stressful.

The day before and the day of your flight:

– Pack everything except the one you will wear the day of travel and the toiletries you will use. In most airlines, you can also check in online to save time at the airport.

– Check your itinerary one last time, go over each one and ensure that you have all the documents you need in a secure and reachable spot in your carry-on bag.

When packing, consider these tips: 

– Create a list before you start. It doesn’t have to be excessively detailed, but an overall summary of what you’ll need.

– Consider rolling your clothes. They will fit more into your suitcase.

– Bring spare eco bags and you’ll be amazed at how often they can come in handy for snacks, leaky bottles, wet clothes, laundry, etc.

– If you’re in doubt what to bring, pick a rolling suitcase over a shoulder bag. Your back will thank you.

– Don’t bring multiple types of shoes! Bring a few pairs that can multitask.

– Pack layered clothing. Oftentimes you will be in a situation where you’ll be going between indoor and outdoor locations. You will want to differ your clothes by temperature probably a couple of times a day.

– Bring a compact travel journal. Consider bringing a compact journal on the road to be used as a catch-all. Travel journals aren’t just used for writing; they can also serve as way to capture, store and display every little memento and keepsake you amass on your trip.

– You can collect address cards, matchbooks, museum tickets, receipts from memorable meals, etc. Plus, you can jot down any note you’d like to remember.

Time to hit the road! Rather than be rushed and anxious, it’s best to be prepared. Just follow the tips above to avoid travel planning stress. Have fun ahead!