Things you shouldn’t miss on a trip to Argentina

Despite suffering an unfortunate currency crisis at the turn of the 21st century, Argentina has rebounded nicely since, riding tourism to become one of South America’s leading nations. What should you see on a trip to this amazing nation? Check out our suggestions in the article below.

1) Eating your way around Buenos Aires

While there are plenty of attractions to experience and no shortage of nightlife to indulge in until the sun rises, Buenos Aires’ status as the capital of Argentina makes it the perfect place to sample the food which makes Argentina what it is.

Whether you choose to indulge in a wonderfully decadent steak dinner paired with wine shipped in from the fields of Mendoza, or greedily chow down on fugazetta pizza, you’ll be in flavour heaven the entire time you are in this global city.

Other dishes you should seek out: choripan, milanesa, and empanadas of all kinds. Bye bye waistline!

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2) Touring vineyards in Mendoza

After an eventful week in Bs As, head out into the surrounding countryside in search of adventure. Along the way, ensure that you stop in Mendoza. Famous for being the centre of the Argentine wine industry, there are countless vineyards you can visit in the surrounding area.

Start with the world famous Familia Zuccardi farm, where some of Argentina’s best wine is exported around the globe – the privilege of tasting here will only set you back $5 USD.

Bodegas López should also make your list, as it is one of the oldest wineries on the block – its tony main building is worth a visit alone.

3) Taking in a live football match

Football (known as soccer to us Americans) is by far the world’s most popular sport. In most nations around the world (except for us really), talk to any sports lover and they’ll extoll the virtues of this game.

Well … Argentines love this sport just a bit more than almost any other nation in the world (Brazil gives them a solid run for their money). If you doubt this, get a ticket to a game between River Plate and the Boca Juniors – the passion, cheering, and ferocious hatred each side have for each other will amaze and (perhaps) scare you.

It may not be the sort of game environment you’d want to be part of all the time, but seeing it once will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

4) Skiing in July at one of its top ski resorts

Craving powder (the snow kind) in the middle of summer? Argentina’s got your hook up. Thanks to reversed seasons in the Southern Hemisphere, July falls in the middle of winter down there.

From Bariloche to Ushuaia, world class ski resorts offer runs which routinely attract ski teams to travel here from around the globe for ‘off-season training’.