10 Tips to Facebook Livestreaming, the Right Way 

Live videos can be an incredible step-up in how you connect to your audience. But don’t just do it. Learn how to do it right. We’ve got you covered with the following tips:

Always Promote

Lack of promotion could translate to zero attendees. That’s the last thing you want to happen to you. And while yes, you can recycle and reuse your content, it’s still a wasted opportunity if you end up doing the broadcast in front of a small audience. If you want to make the most out of every video cast you do, promote like there’s no tomorrow, says the Social Media Examiner.

Double-Check Those Details

Promoting your event like there’s no tomorrow will mean very little without providing your audience with the necessary details. To prevent that, always double-check the information before you post it. Are the details complete? Will your audience need to know anything else?

Make it Irresistible 

Once you’re certain that the information is accurate and complete, you’ll want to come up with a description that’s so compelling and engaging your audience will have no choice but to fall for that description—hook, line and sinker—essentially guaranteeing an audience for your broadcast. Poor wordplay can make even the most interesting topics and videos boring so be sure to use the right terms and word choice to appropriately describe the video. Encourage audience excitement. However, don’t exaggerate as well since this could cause some of your customers to walk away.

Time It Right

Don’t just go live whenever you feel like it. There’s a proper timing to everything, including your Facebook live videos. You’ll want to find out which times are peak times for your audience. At what times do they go online? Knowing this will help you plan and time your live videos right. If you do it while your audience is asleep, they could completely miss the video, letting all your efforts go to waste.

Use the Right Equipment

Doing a Facebook event live stream with Blue Jeans gives you access to features that make the experience better, easier and more convenient. With the right tools, live streaming for business doesn’t have to be a complicated series of unfortunate events. You won’t have to call your IT staff to be on standby. The app provides an interface that’s easy and simple to use and understand so you won’t have any worries on that score.


If you’re the host, make sure you’re comfortable in front of the camera. Keep in mind that if you’re uncomfortable, then your audience will feel the same way as well. Be confident, at ease and in control. That should set the broadcast off to a good start. Not quite there yet? No worries. Just keep practicing until you get the hang of it. With plenty of time and patience on your side, you’d be doing those broadcasts with none of the hand-wringing or anxiety you felt the first time around.

Have Appropriate Lighting

Unless you’re shooting an episode of the X-Files—with Mulder and Scully’s penchant for ending up in shadowy warehouses, forests and graveyards—poor lighting isn’t the best way for livestreaming videos. Be sure to check the lighting on your video before you start. Test it out, along with other camera angles or positions. Proper lighting can improve audience engagement but poor lighting can annoy, frustrate and effectively send your customers logging off.

Check the Sounds

There’s nothing as annoying as a poor audio environment. Already have the best equipment possible? Then it’s simply a matter of playing with the settings until you get the most ideal one. Don’t go with default settings. They never turn out right. Adjust to your heart’s content.

Give Context

Don’t start your videos off without the proper introduction. Give your audience context so they’ll immediately have an idea about what you’ll talk about. While that might already be in the description of the broadcast, providing a bit more background in the beginning never hurts, says Mashable, and can provide your audience with even more reason to stay around and watch.

Stay Authentic

If you’re trying to build brand recognition, chances are yours isn’t quite ready to go toe-to-toe with big-budget names and long-time competitors in the field. No need to fret. By staying as genuine and authentic in your broadcasts as possible, you can generate enough consumer attention that could translate to long years of steady, abiding consumer loyalty and sales. That’s why whatever you plan on doing, stay as authentic and real as possible. That more real you are, the more relatable you are to people and the more inclined they’ll be to buy your products or pay for your services.

With these tips, you won’t have to worry about committing an epic fail during your first Facebook livestreaming session—and have all the more reason to look forward to ensuring it turns into a success.