Understanding the Process of SEO


SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. Digital marketing and search engine optimization are two peas in the same pod. It is all about getting people to come to the website because they are genuinely interested in what is on there, through the major search engines. When you look at Yahoo!, Bing, Google, and all the other search engines, you will find that they have a number of primary search results. The first page in particular is important, as this shows the things that are most relevant to what someone is searching for. This isn’t done through payment, but through strong digital marketing and SEO tactics.

Success Factors for Search Engines

Three main factors exist to determine whether or not a page will get found:

  1. SEO on the page.
  2. SEO off the page.

These three factors should not be seen as completely individual, as they all affect each other. There isn’t in other words, a single thing that, on its own, will make your SEO perfect. If you have fantastic content, but your HTML title is terrible, you won’t get a high ranking, for instance.

On Page Success Factors

Everything that is on page is in your control. This means that this is what you have the most influence over. Think about your website’s content, your HTML clues, your architecture, and so on.

Off Page Success Factors

You don’t have any direct control of this. Yet, off page factors are hugely important, because the search engine crawlers use them to determine what others think of you. They are an element of your online reputation, as well.


Search engine robots are very unforgiving. They also do not engage in favoritism. For instance, Google once banned Google Japan, its own page in other words, for 11 months for breaking its own rules. You can imagine, therefore, how tough they will be on non-affiliated websites! There are many things that you can get penalized for, all combined under the umbrella term “black hat tactics”. Don’t engage in those if you want to be successful online.

How Important Are These Factors?

Exactly how much each of the factors weigh depends specifically on the factor. For instance, quality content weighs heavier than a HTML tag and, today, social shares weigh heavier than quality links. Similarly, keyword stuffing has a less heavy penalty than cloaking. Each, however, are of vital importance.

Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing? Essentially, it is the combination of all your digital (online) tactics that help to get your name out there. Some of that is about directly speaking to your potential clients, through emails, social media, and so on. But a huge part of that is SEO. It is through SEO that you will be able to reach those people who need you, and what you have to offer, but don’t know you yet. Those are the people that will go to Google, explain their issue, and go to the first search result. That is why you need to get that first search result, and that is what SEO does.